MedStar Inventor Services Connect at the MIND Lab

MedStar Inventor Services Connect at the MIND Lab

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In the course of your research, have you thought of a new invention that could assist with patient care? Part of the MedStar Institute for Innovation, MedStar Inventor Services is here to help you develop your invention. They can help to transform ideas into commercial products through each stage of the INVENT process, from concept to market.

Join them on Thursday, October 18, at the MIND Lab in the MedStar Health Columbia Corporate Office for two special events.

Lunch & Learn

12 noon to 1 pm

How a MedStar doc’s idea about knee angles took a turn: What you KNEEd to know about FitSense and MedStar Inventor Services

Rarely would you allow an entrepreneur, MBA-type to operate on your knee (or any other body part for that matter), just like we'd rarely advise an orthopedic surgeon to run a company. MedStar Health’s Dr. Carter Mitchell just might be the exception to the rule.

Dr. Mitchell is also the Founder and CEO of Fitsense, Inc., a start-up company developing the Pinnacle, a wearable sensor that transmits knee angles to a smartphone or another device. Particular knee angles leave the joint susceptible to an ACL tear. With proper training and guidance, Pinnacle will help athletes learn to avoid these risky movements.

Join us as Dr. Mitchell teaches us about wearable technology and the future of injury prevention and rehabilitation. You’ll also learn how Dr. Mitchell collaborated with the MedStar Institute for Innovation and its Inventor Services team to turn his idea into a reality and meet MedStar leaders who can help those with similar aspirations to innovate.

Carter Mitchell, MD
Director of Sports Medicine, MedStar Montgomery Medical Center
Founder and CEO, FitSense Inc.

Office Hours with MedStar Inventor Services

9 am to Noon & 1 to 3 pm

The MIND Lab occasionally offers “open office hours.” Stop by anytime (no appointments required) to meet subject matter experts and explore new ideas.

The MedStar Inventor Services team works hand-in-hand with MedStar associates to transform your innovative ideas and discoveries into commercial products and services that advance health and improve the patient and family experience. Having good ideas is only one part of developing a product. MedStar Inventor Services will help you determine if your idea does not already exist, bring in experts to evaluate the clinical need, assess the market for the product, get it through the burdensome patent process, negotiate the terms of the license, and monitor the agreement to make sure the licensee delivers. All of this is at no cost to you AND if your product makes it to market you get 50% of revenue after expenses are recouped.

Steve Kinsey & Marck Clerveau
MedStar Inventor Services, MedStar Institute for Innovation

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