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Our report to the community

Community Health Needs Assessment

A part of MedStar Health's mission is to promote the good health of residents of our communities, especially those who face barriers to quality care. As a not-for-profit, we reinvest all of our net revenues to advance our mission of caring. Each year we provide millions of dollars of uncompensated care to the uninsured and under-insured. Our healthcare professionals work to improve the health of our communities in countless ways: by hosting free screening and support groups, operating health clinics, making house calls to the elderly, and educating children in schools, to name just a few. We partner with community-based initiatives to support a wide range of causes through our expertise, our dollars and our volunteer hours. Our community benefit reports are available for your review. 

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Report to the Community

2023 report to the community

Click here to view MedStar Montgomery Medical Center 2023 Report to the Community

2022 Report to the Community

2022 report to the community

Click here to view MedStar Montgomery Medical Center 2022 Report to the Community

Healthy Montgomery

The Healthy Montgomery community health improvement process is a community-based effort to improve the health and well-being of Montgomery County residents that is supported by the Healthy Montgomery website. This website is a one-stop source of population-based data and information about community health and the social and environmental determinants of health, such as socio-economic status, social isolation, housing, availability of healthy foods, and air quality, in Montgomery County and healthy community in general.

Classes and events in the community

MedStar Montgomery offers specific classes held at the hospital, hosts community events, participates in health fairs, and sponsors activities around the community. See our list of classes and events.

As part of our community involvement, MedStar Montgomery is able to provide a meeting location, free of charge, to local groups who promote the health and wellness of our residents. Learn more about our meeting space for community groups

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Breast health quality consortium award

MedStar Montgomery Medical Center received a certificate of recognition by the National Capital Area Breast Health Quality Consortium (BHQC) in June 2015 — one of six hospitals within the region who received the award. The goal of this project is to engage breast health service providers across the continuum of care to reduce disparities in breast cancer by improving the quality-of-care delivery for low-income, uninsured women. Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties in Maryland are the initial focus, with later engagement across the National Capital Area. This award is sponsored by Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County, Maryland.