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Community health

Health Connections is the community outreach department at MedStar St. Mary's Hospital. It offers many community classes, seminars and support groups for all ages. For a full list of events and classes, visit our online calendar. Trained educators from Health Connections also visit area schools, community organizations, churches and business to speak about a variety of health and wellness topics. If you are interested in attending a class, requesting a speaker, or would like more information, please call 301-475-6019.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is Health Connections affiliated with the St. Mary's County Health Department?

    No, Health Connections is only affiliated with MedStar St. Mary's Hospital.

  • What is diabetes self-management?

    Living with diabetes is a full-time job. The diabetes self-management classes at MedStar St. Mary's Hospital help individuals with diabetes take control of their disease. Our program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association and covers 10 areas of diabetes management from medications to emotions to daily activity to help individuals live better lives. Individuals interested in classes or nutrition counseling for diabetes can call 301-475-6019 for more information. These services do require an order from your physician.

  • I've just moved to the area and am eight months pregnant. Can I tour the hospital's Women's Health & Family Birthing Center?

    For your convenience, MedStar St. Mary's Hospital has a virtual tour of our Women's Health & Family Birthing Center for expectant parents. The video can be accessed at Childbirth classes are offered monthly through Health Connections. The class has a fee and registration is required. Call 301-475-6019 to register or for more information.

  • Is there information you can send to help us know what to expect when we arrive at the hospital?

    Health Connections offers web-based and DVD options for childbirth classes. If you have additional questions, our staff of certified childbirth instructors and lactation consultants will be happy to talk with you over the phone. Call Health Connections at 301-475-6019 for more information.

  • Do you sell breast pumps?

    The hospital's Breastfeeding Resource Center sells and rents breast pumps. As an official Medela distributor, we stock parts and support products. The center also sells baby slings, nursing bras, and supports. Our certified lactation consultants are available for individual consultations by phone, appointment, and at the weekly Breastfeeding Moms group held in the Health Connections building. Call 301-997-6505 for more information about the Breastfeeding Resource Center.

  • Do you offer CPR and first aid classes?

    Our Organizational Learning & Research Department offers two American Heart Saver CPR with AED classes and one American Safety Institute First Aid class each month. Because these classes are very popular, it's best to register early before your current certification expires.

  • What are Outpatient Care Coordinators?

    Our care can extend beyond our beds at MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital.  Many patients recently hospitalized or discharged from the Emergency Department are eligible for outpatient care coordination services to assist with at-home recovery.  Outpatient Care Coordinators are Registered Nurses who provide guidance, support, and direction in managing health and wellness for patients after they leave the hospital.  They have helped hundreds of people who suffer from multiple disorders, create plans to keep them safe, independent, and healthy in their own homes.

    Outpatient Care Coordination is a free service and offers the ability to:

    • Discuss your health concerns and answer questions
    • Review your medications and discharge instructions with you
    • Share information about ways to improve your health
    • Work with you and your family to develop a personal health improvement plan
    • Assist you with making follow-up appointments
    • Identify and assist you with additional available resources
    • Network with your primary care provider and healthcare team to ensure your healthcare needs are met
    • Meet with you in your home, doctors’ office, or speak with you on the telephone
  • I need help with nutrition, do you have a dietitian on staff?

    Yes! We have a registered dietitian on staff who offers a variety of counseling services on eating disorders and digestive issues, as well as food education sessions on how to better understand and manage your diet, tips on shopping at the supermarket or cooking at home, and resources for ingredient-specific recipes and products. Individuals must present a referral from your allergist or primary care physician. To make an appointment with a Health Connections dietitian, call 301-475-6019.


Health professionals

Members of the volunteer program at MedStar St. Mary's are an integral part of our long-standing reputation of excellence and quality care.

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Each year, volunteers dedicate thousands of hours of service to facilitate the work of MedStar St. Mary's. By generously donating their time and talents, volunteers are able to meet new people, help the community, and explore healthcare careers.

At MedStar St. Mary's, we match volunteers to open positions based on individual interests, skills, talents, and availability. We ask that volunteers be willing to commit to at least six months of service. Our volunteers include adults, juniors, interfaith chaplains, and emergency drivers.

All individuals, without regard to race, color, national origin or ancestry, sex, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, or physical or mental abilities, have a right to apply to MedStar St. Mary's for volunteer status, except for the specific age requirements stated. Volunteers are required to attend orientation and training sessions and agree to learn and abide by hospital regulations.

All volunteers are required to attend annual in-services on infection control; standard precautions; safety and security; hazardous and toxic substances; proper body mechanics; risk management; confidentiality; and customer service. All volunteers must also obtain a PPD test annually.

Adult volunteer services

  • Information desk assistants
  • Clerical and office assistants
  • Interfaith chaplains
  • Patient care assistants in Ambulatory Surgery
  • Gift shop clerks/cashiers

Sign up to volunteer

We welcome new volunteers to join us as we deliver top-quality healthcare services to the community. To fill out an application to volunteer, please download the appropriate form below.

Email or mail your completed application:

MedStar St. Mary's Hospital
Attn: Volunteer and Student Services Office
P.O. Box 527
25500 Point Lookout Road
Leonardtown, MD 20650

MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital’s 340B Program

Congress created the 340B drug savings program to help those hospitals serving vulnerable communities expand access to prescription drugs and support essential services for their communities. The savings generated from the 340B drug discount program are used to help offer needed services to our community such as the ones described below.

MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital’s 340B Program chart 


Access to care for Vulnerable Populations

MedStar Health is committed to providing care to the communities we serve when they need it most. Hospitals provide pathways for financial assistance for individuals that are unable to afford their treatment services. MedStar Health also provides innovative approaches to support District of Columbia and Maryland health goals. 

  • Prescription assistance funding and assistance with accessing prescription medications for patients in need are available. 
  • Patient Financial Services provides financial assistance to uninsured patients who reside within the communities we serve by assisting with enrollment in publicly-funded entitlement programs, refer patients to state or federal insurance exchange navigator resources and assist with securing funding that may be available from other charitable organizations.
  • Transportation in partnership with Uber, Medstar has created a convenient program with a reliable means of transportation for vulnerable patients to travel to and from medical appointments and health education activities.
  • Physicians in the Community MedStar Health invests in physicians, nurses, specialists and other clinical leaders to provide services in the communities we serve. 

Health and Wellness

MedStar Health outreach teams offers classes, events and activities to support a healthy body, mind and spirit.  We also recognize that at-risk, high -needs individuals living in our communities need access to peer outreach, chronic disease management, screenings and prevention education.

  • Chronic Disease Prevention & Management Programs are offered throughout the year at low or no cost to the participants to influence education, self-management and promote a living healthy. 
    • Living Well Self-Management Programs offers evidence based six-week workshops for adults who have long lasting health problems with ideas to help them take charge of their health and live active and enjoyable lives. Family members and caregivers are also welcome. 
    • Diabetes Prevention Programs offers evidence-based year-long programs to help community members prevent diabetes through life balance and weight management. 
    • Smoking Cessation Programs are offered to provide community members a forum increase awareness and the intention to quit among smokers
  • Cancer Screenings MedStar Health recognizes the importance of early detection for cancer and has programs available for those who may not be able to afford these lifesaving screenings on their own.  Our community outreach teams focus on empowering the community with information and screenings for the most common types of cancer in the communities we serve.
  • Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) a universal screening program for screening and identification of substance use disorder; with a goal of providing referrals for substance abuse treatment.  Peer Recovery Coaches provide brief intervention and referrals to community support services and treatment centers.
  • The Opioid Overdose Survivor’s Outreach Project (OSOP) a field based initiative, statistics show that those who survive an opioid overdose have a 60% mortality rate unless they are actively engaged in treatment.  MedStar Health sends peer recovery coaches in the field to see recent overdose survivors and link them to treatment services, naloxone trainings and provide a consistent point of contact should someone wish to enter care. 
  • Support Groups MedStar Health offers many support groups for caregivers and the community to support each other and promote health, independence, and well-being.   

Social Determinants of Health

MedStar Health invests in programs and partnerships that address the social needs of patients and community members.

  • Community Health Workers provides advocates who work with patients to connect them to resources in the community, such as food pantries, paying for prescription medications and transportation assistance.
  • Universal Social Needs Screenings MedStar Health’s social needs screening tool helps to identify the social issues that affect individuals health outcomes and facilitate sensitive conversations about nonmedical needs that maybe a barrier to good health. 
  • Food as Medicine Initiatives address food insecurity and contribute to reducing hunger and improving health through joint programmatic solutions in the communities served by MedStar Health.

Workforce Development

  • Associate Scholarships – provide tuition assistance to associates via a competitive process over and above the tuition benefit provided by MedStar Health.
  • Summer interns – employ high school and college students for 10 weeks each summer in a variety of departments throughout the hospital.
  • Student preceptors – provide thousands of hours of staff time to preceptor students from various colleges in the region in associates, bachelors and masters programs.

Summer volunteer programs

Should you have any questions about any of the programs here, please feel free to contact our Volunteer and Student Services Coordinator. Thank you for your interest in the volunteer and learning internship programs at MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital!

Mary B. Cheseldine

Volunteer and Student Services (VSS) Coordinator


Junior Volunteer Application