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With new medical and surgical treatments, women who develop the disease are leading longer, fuller, and healthier lives than ever before. Treatments are also becoming less invasive, more targeted, and more personalized, providing even more hope. Our approach reflects the latest research and best practices.

Studies show that patients operated on by specialized surgeons get better results. With the MedStar Breast Health Program, all surgeons are board-certified, and many are fellowship-trained and focused exclusively on the breast.

Deciding on surgery is often difficult and emotional, and our doctors take the time to help you make sense of all the considerations, including physical health, appearance, and psychological and social concerns. When surgery is recommended, we consult the latest research findings to ensure the best care. Our program offers:

Team Approach: Our breast surgeons remove tumors and partner closely with skilled plastic surgeons for reconstruction when needed. All patients have the option to meet with a plastic surgeon beforehand to discuss the wide array of reconstruction options.

Innovation and Experience: We use the latest methods available, including breast-conserving approaches. Our surgeons are leaders in the field of nipple- and skin-sparing mastectomy. They also work to minimize scarring while ensuring the cancer is removed.

Our breast cancer treatment options:

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