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Breast Revision With Strattice Overview

Strattice is a sterile biological mesh that’s designed to reduce inflammation, promote tissue regeneration, and lower the risk of infection. Like some biological heart valves, it’s derived from porcine (pig) tissue. Strattice can be used to improve the results of a previous breast augmentation surgery by controlling implant location and providing additional support.

How is strattice used in breast revisions and augmentations?

Strattice is used in breast augmentations or revision procedures to help reinforce and support soft tissues. It can provide extra thickness (to help prevent rippling) and protect against scar tissue around the implant (capsular contracture). It can also provide support to help breasts from drifting too close together (symmastia) or shifting lower (malposition) due to weakened tissue under the breasts.

During a revision procedure using Strattice, the mesh material will typically be layered over the implant (under breast tissue) to provide an extra layer of support.