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Residents and Fellows at MedStar Health

  • How do I apply for a house staff loan?

    Download the application here (this link opens into a PDF) or get an application from your local GME Office. Please remember these loans typically take 1-2 weeks to process.

  • How do I request research support?

    If you are a current resident and want to request support, please fill out a Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Initial Request Form

    Our goal is to help residents experience the research process from the conception of research ideas to the publication of the results. To that end, we offer support in research design (refinement of research ideas, specification of aims and hypotheses, selection of data collection methods, sample size calculations, statistical analysis plan); in data extraction from electronic medical records; and in data analysis, reporting of the results and abstract and manuscript preparation. One way we provide this support is through statistical support offered by MedStar Health Research Institute. This is provided to residents and fellows at no cost through MedStar Graduate Medical Education support and funding.

  • How do I log duty hours?

    You need to log duty hours in New Innovations use this step-by-step guide to learn to log your hours.

  • How do I apply for short term disability/FMLA?

    Matrix now handles all aspects of FMLA, including applications, approvals/denials, and communications with associates and their managers. Associates who wish to apply for FMLA can contact Matrix at 877-202-0055 or visit This service applies for all FMLA absences relating to an associate medical condition, or the medical condition of a family member.

  • How do I view my paycheck online?

    Associates enrolled in direct deposit have 24-hour access to pay details one day before payday through ePaystubs. However, to enroll associates must visit from work or home to create their ePaystubs account. This one-time process should take approximately 10–15 minutes to complete.

    1. Enter Social Security Number (SSN), no dashes.
    2. Click “Continue.”
    3. Enter your PIN. Enter the default PIN for the initial login, which is the last four digits of your SSN and the two-digit month and two-digit year of your birth date. Example: XXXXMMYY (If your SSN is 555-55-5555 and birth date is June 5, 1950, you will enter 55550650.)
    4. Click “Login.”

Additional information

If you were unable to find an answer to your question, please email us and we will be happy to assist you.