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Medical Education Research Grants

MedStar Health Academic Affairs is pleased to announce the new MedStar Medical Education Research Grants. This grant fund benefits MedStar investigators and the important educational research they are conducting to advance health and create new knowledge.

Criteria for selection of successful grant applications include:

  1. The principal investigator must be a MedStar employee. Residents, fellows and other trainees may apply as co-investigators, but require a faculty member as principle investigator.
  2. The proposal will help fund a MedStar investigator conducting research in medical education and must be conducted within the MedStar system.
  3. While grant applications can be submitted on any relevant topic in medical education, proposals are encouraged in areas that focus on Well-being as it specifically relates to the role of leaders/leadership and/or gender disparities. Preferential selection will be made of applications including either focus area within Well-being and an interdisciplinary/inter-professional team that address:
    • Innovation in the learning environment; and
    • Graduate Medical Education (GME)/Continuing Medical Education (CME), health professions education/training, and/or faculty development

Budget: Researchers may propose one of two types of projects:

  1. Pilot studies with a proposed budget not to exceed $10,000 direct costs.
  2. Research studies with a proposed budget not to exceed $25,000 direct costs.

There are no indirect charges associated with this grant opportunity. The proposed budget can be used for any study related expenses necessary to complete the proposed investigation (e.g., supplies, equipment, etc.). Funds may only be used to offset salaries for MedStar personnel. All statistical support will be provided through MHRI as part of the grant and as such should not be included in the project budget.

Application Process: All applications should be submitted as a single PDF file and emailed to [email protected] by December 3, 2018. Applications must include:

  1. Proposal narrative (must not exceed 5 pages):
    1. Title of project
    2. Principal Investigator and Project Team
    3. Background/Significance of proposed study
    4. Research study description (Specific aims and overall research strategy and methodology)
    5. Clear identification of the measures and anticipated outcomes
    6. For non-pilot projects requesting funding over $10,000: a leadership plan must be included to describe the accountability of the project team to ensure project timeline is met (e.g., advisory committee, project mentorship, etc).
  2. NIH Biosketch or an abridged CV equivalent for each investigator (3 pages maximum)
  3. A proposed budget and justification for allocation of funds

For more information and to view the RFP, please click here.