Faculty | Pathology Residency | Georgetown University Hospital | MedStar Health
Faculty of the MedStar Health Pathology Residency program.

Mary Sidawy, MD
Professor & Clinical Chair
Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Medical Director
Regional Breast Pathologist

Joeffery Chanine, MS, MP (ASCP), PhD
Technical Director, Molecular Diagnostics & Ancillary Studies Laboratory

Mary Fulong, MD, MS
Professor & Director of Medical Education
Pathology Residency Program Director

Collen Gilstad, MD
Medical Director, Transfusion Service

Brent Harris, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Pathology and Neurology & Director of Neuropathology

Bhaskar Kallakury, MD
Professor & Director of E/M, Renal & Transplant Pathology

Dong Hyang Kwon, MD
Associate Program Director of the Transplant,
Medical Kidney, and Liver Pathology Fellowship

Metin Ozdemirli, MD, PhD
Professor & Director of Hematopathology
Hematopathology Fellowship Program Director

Sandra Rosen-Bronson, PhD D(ABHI)
Professor & Director of Histocompatibility Testing

Emily A. Sloan, MD, PhD
Associate Director of Neuropathology
Assistant Professor
Attending Neuropathologist

Jay Zeck, MD
Director of Clinical Laboratories
Associate Cytopathology Program Director
Assistant Professor

Olga Timofeeva, Ph.D., F(ACHI)
Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Co-Director, Histocompatibility Laboratory

Roshanak Derakhshandeh, MD
Pathology Residency Assistant Director
Anatomic Pathology, Clinical and Laboratory Pathology

Margaret P. Holmes, MD
Cytopathology, Anatomic Pathology, Clinical and Laboratory Pathology


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