Ophthalmology Care: Focused on You

If you are struggling with eye or vision problems, MedStar Health is here to help you see a healthier, happier future. Our expert clinicians can help you maintain good eye health by providing regular screenings, correcting vision impairments, and helping you find relief from the pain and discomfort that can be caused by eye conditions. We offer cutting-edge technology and techniques, a broad array of multidisciplinary services, world-class facilities, and skilled physicians.

Patient-centered care

At MedStar Health, we understand that vision-threatening eye problems can sometimes feel overwhelming. Our compassionate care providers keep patients’ unique needs at the center of all that we do—taking care to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and develop a care plan that works for you.  With experienced, nationally-renowned ophthalmologists and optometrists tailoring their care to your individual needs, you can feel confident that your vision is in good hands.

Comprehensive approach

MedStar Health’s Ophthalmology services include the full range of screening, diagnostic, and treatment capabilities, both advanced and routine. Whether you require minimally invasive surgery to treat a complex eye condition or simply need a stylish new pair of glasses from our full-service Optical Boutiques, we’re ready to help.

Our Ophthalmology patients also benefit from the wide range of medical specialties available throughout the MedStar Health system. Eye problems are often related to other health problems (such as diabetes or neurological conditions) or medical treatments (such as radiation care for cancer). The Ophthalmology team works closely with providers across other departments, allowing for a seamless patient experience. Few healthcare systems offer the range of services and expertise you will find at MedStar Health.

Advanced techniques and technology

Your vision is important. That’s why MedStar Health offers the latest in medical techniques and technology, including minimally invasive surgical approaches, corneal cross-linking, corneal transplant, state-of-the-art cataract surgery, advanced diagnostic testing, LASIK surgery, specialty contact lenses for patients with a variety of eye conditions, and more.  Ophthalmologic surgery is performed in designated eye operating room suites, located throughout the region.

Our Ophthalmology providers are at the forefront of care.  We are committed to training the next generation of Ophthalmologic leaders and pioneering new diagnostic and care techniques. MedStar offers specialty residency programs in Ophthalmology, active medical research communities, and more—creating a culture of innovation and excellence.

Your eyes deserve the best possible care. With MedStar Health’s expert Ophthalmology services, the difference is clear.

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Featured Videos

Jay Lustbader, MD

Dr. Jay Lustbader is the chair of Ophthalmology and director of cornea and refractive surgery at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. Dr. Lustbader provides a variety of services from basic eye care to the most complex microsurgeries for cataracts and other disorders.

Mark Gonzalez, MD

Meet Mark Gonzalez, MD, of MedStar Eye Institute.

Ophthalmology and Optometry Specialists