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Expert care for the most challenging heart rhythm disorders

Our Complex Arrhythmia Program is a specialized hub for physicians in the mid-Atlantic region to refer patients with even the most difficult arrhythmias. The advanced labs in our electrophysiology program allow us to provide complete management of these complex patients.


The challenging arrhythmias our doctors treat include:


We offer a range of arrhythmia treatments, such as:

MedStar cardiac surgeons perform a procedure in the MedStar Health cardiac electrophysiology lab.

In addition, we offer the WATCHMAN™ device for reducing patients’ chance of stroke related to AFib. We were one of the first programs in the area to offer this treatment option, and our doctors have more experience with it than anyone else in the mid-Atlantic region.

Our providers

Dr Brian Case listens to the heart of a patient during an office visit at MedStar Health. Both people are wearing masks.

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