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MedStar National Rehabilitation Network

Office of GME

curtis_whitehairMedStar-National-Rehabilitation-Network-ExteriorOn behalf of the faculty, I welcome you to the MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital and wish you every success. We believe that each house officer contributes directly to MedStar NRH’s growth and prosperity, and we hope you will take pride in being a member of our team.

Postgraduate medical training is the basis for your future practice. It is the foundation on which you will build your approach to patient care. These years will be among your most challenging, rewarding and enjoyable.

The Graduate Medical Education Committee, the Residency Training Office, the administration and professional staff are committed to delivering a top-quality educational experience. Input from the house staff is welcomed and solicited on a continuous basis.

In 2002, the MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital’s PM&R program merged with the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital to form the quintessential learning environment to produce our next generation of quality Physiatrists - physicians in the field of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. This curriculum has taken many hours of our dedicated faculty’s time to create. I believe this program to be one of the best in the country. It is my honor to serve as a mentor, leader and provider of education to our residents.


Curtis L. Whitehair, MD
Director, Graduate Medical Education - MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital

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