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Current Residents—The MedStar Health—Georgetown / Washington Hospital Center Residency Program in Ophthalmology

Last Year's Senior Residents

  • Frank Abella Ayala
    Frank Abella Ayala

    School of medicine: University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine

  • Julio Albarracin
    Julio Albarracin

    School of medicine: University of Texas Houston School of Medicine

  • Michael Izzo
    Michael Izzo

    School of medicine: Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

  • Malka Davina Kirshenbaum
    Davina Kirschenbaum

    School of medicine: New York Medical College

  • Georgina Medina Agramonte
    Georgina Medina

    School of medicine: University Centrale del Caribe School of Medicine

  • Kareen Shebaclo
    Kareen Shebaclo

    School of medicine: Georgetown University School of Medicine

PGY4 Residents

  • Natalia Diaz Torres
    Natalia Diaz Torres

    University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine

  • Russel Dinh
    Russel Dinh

    Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

  • Marielle Mahan
    Marielle Mahan

    Georgetown University School of Medicine

  • Sanam Shahrooz
    Tiffany Shahrooz

    Georgetown University School of Medicine

  • Justin Shortell
    Justin Shortell

    University of Hawaii/Burns School of Medicine

  • Kristen Suzich
    Kristen Suzich

    University of Maryland School of Medicine

PGY3 Residents

  • Philip Conkling
    Philip Conkling

    New York Medical College

  • Jack Craegmile
    Jack Creagmile

    Rush University Medical College

  • William David
    William "Bren" Davis

    Louisiana State University–New Orleans

  • Narmien Naddad
    Narmien Haddad

    Boston University School of Medicine

  • Thomas Lamson
    Thomas Lamson

    State University of New York-Stonybrook

  • Obadah Moushmoush
    Obadah Moushmoush

    West Virginia University School of Medicine

PGY2 Residents

  • Mazin Elsarrag
    Mazin Elsarrag

    University of Virginia School of Medicine

  • Anthony Fiacco
    Anthony Fiacco

    Georgetown University School of Medicine

  • Sara Kahn
    Sara Khan

    Chicago Medical School

  • Felix Kung
    Felix Kung

    Mayo Clinic/Alix School of Medicine

  • David McGuigan
    David McGuigan

    Georgetown University School of Medicine

  • Abhishek Naidu
    Abhishek Naidu

    State University of New York-Stonybrook

PGY1 Interns

  • Amira Abbas
    Amira Abbas

    University of Mississippi School of Medicine

  • Thomas Dunn
    Thomas Dunn

    Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

  • Sonia Francone
    Sonia Francone

    Georgetown University School of Medicine

  • Kiah McSwain
    Kiah McSwain

    Florida State University School of Medicine

  • Shefali Sood
    Shefali Sood

    New York University Grossman School of Medicine

  • Caroline Tipton
    Caroline Tipton

    Drexel University School of Medicine

We are so proud of our residents!

By the time our residents interview for fellowships or private practice positions, they are prepared to impress future instructors, mentors, and colleagues with an excellent fund of knowledge, excellent comprehensive and subspecialty clinical and surgical experience, and an excellent portfolio of accomplishments in research, customer satisfaction, process improvement, humanitarianism, and program and national examinations. Our residents’ Written and Oral Board Exam pass rate is well above the national average, and they have succeeded in matching into top fellowships or joining their preferred practices all over the country.

Where did they go?
 2022  Frank Abella Ayala  Neuro-ophthalmology - USC Roski Eye Institute  
   Julio Albarracin  Cornea - Emory  
   Michael Izzo  Glaucoma - Wills Eye Hospital  
   Davina Kirschenbaum  Cornea - Moran Eye Center  
   Georgina Medina  Glaucoma - Emory  
   Karine Shebaclo  Oculoplastics - Wills Eye Hospital  
 2021    Kelsey Durbin     Columbus, OH
    Brice Hwang
 Albuquerque, NM
    Joseph Mekhail Cornea - UC Irvine
    Hector Rojas Martinez \
 Clinton, MD
    George Skopis Retina - Illinois Eye & Ear Infirmary
    Leah Umfrey Glaucoma - New York Eye & Ear Infirmary
 2020    Jason Goldberg   Cornea - Univ. of Minnesota  
    Mariam Mathai Retina - Retina Group of Wash/WNEC/
    Meghan Moroux
 Washington, D.C.
     Adam Pearlman Glaucoma - West Virginia U
    Noreen Shaikh Retina - Lahey Boston
    Dian Yu Cornea - Johns Hopkins U/Wilmer
 2019   Patrick Burke   Pediatric Ophthalmology – Children’s National Med. Ctr.  
    Jacquelyn Daubert
 Miami, Florida
    Samantha Feldman   Pediatric Ophthalmology – Vanderbilt University  
    Jocelyn Kim
 Sacramento, California
    Kirsten Midgley   Cornea – Wake Forest University  
    Michael Ullman   Cornea – Washington University, Missouri  
 2018   Kelly Krespan   Cornea – Ohio State U./Havener Eye Institute  
    Laura Kueny   Pediatric Ophthalmology – Childrens Natl Med Center DC  
    Hari Mylvaganam   Retina - Stroger Hosp. of Cook County/Retina Consultants Ltd  
    Ferdinand Rodriguez   Retina – Cincinnati Eye Institute/Univ. of Cincinnati  
    Zoey Stoumbos   Glaucoma – New England Eye Center/Tufts U. SOM  
    Jacquelyn Weber   Cornea – University of Minnesota  

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