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Dr Keith Unger consults with a female patient in the Cyberknife center.
3800 Reservoir Rd., NW
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Washington, DC 20007

Our collaborative team of radiation oncologists delivers expert care equipped with the latest versions of all available radiation therapies all under one roof, including proton therapy and CyberKnife®. With site-specific expertise, we’re dedicated to providing a personalized approach to patient care, offering additional options and second opinions for even the most complex and advanced cancers.

Our areas of advanced expertise include:

  • Brain and Central Nervous System

    A brain or spine tumor diagnosis can be overwhelming, but the team at MedStar Georgetown offers options to limit toxicity to the surrounding brain and eradicate tumors with precision and experience. Our radiation oncologists provide streamlined access to top-tier advanced technology with a multidisciplinary approach through the Comprehensive Brain Tumor Center, where a team of specialists from neuro-oncology, neurosurgery, neuropathology, and neuroradiology also weigh in determine the best treatment plan for your individual case.

  • Gastrointestinal (GI)

    Radiation oncologist Dr. Keith Unger is one of the most experienced GI specialist in the region, offering treatment options for the most complex GI cases, including proton, CyberKnife, and intraoperative radiation therapy. Under his leadership, we collaborate on your case with a multidisciplinary team of GI experts in weekly tumor boards and through the Pancreas and Liver Disease Program to determine the best treatment modality for each individual patient. Clinical trials also are available for qualified individuals.

  • Lung and Thoracic Malignancies

    Our lung cancer and thoracic malignancies specialists Dr. Nitika Paudel and Dr. Andrew Satinsky are determined to provide timely, optimal care when expediency matters. You will meet us in our multidisciplinary lung clinic, where in one appointment you will encounter your main specialist team of Dr. Paudel, along with medical oncology and thoracic surgery to provide a cohesive and expedited treatment plan. Your lungs are sensitive to the effects of radiation, so our team employs expertise in the latest technologies to minimize the effects of radiation on the uninvolved lung and nearby organs, like the heart.

  • Breast

    When treating the breast, our breast cancer specialists Dr. Sonali Rudra and Dr. Andrew Satinsky take great care to select approaches that will preserve quality of life so that patients not only live, but live well. Through our dedicated team-based approach, we offer shortened courses of radiation, bringing the traditional three or four week treatment down to five days for qualified patients. We also offer partial breast irradiation rather than whole breast for some patients. We continue to innovate, advancing breast cancer research with access to clinical trials and treatments using proton therapy, intraoperative radiation therapy.

  • Prostate

    With the ability to precisely track and target the prostate’s movement and location, the expert team at MedStar Georgetown treats men with prostate cancer using the most advanced technologies available. We’re part of a multidisciplinary team of urologists, medical oncologists, genetic counselors, radiologists, therapists dedicated to prostate cancer care. Dr. Sean Collins directs our CyberKnife prostate program and has been honing our radiation treatment protocols over the course of 15 years, building on his depth of experience to advance and optimize shorter, more accurate options to get you back to living your life. When accuracy and precision matter, our short-course radiation option allows us to safely and effectively treat patients in five treatments, when it used to take 40. Along with Dr. Anatoly Dritschilo, the radiation oncology team at MedStar Georgetown continues to advance prostate care through access to clinical trials and treatment options including proton therapy, IMRT, and brachytherapy.

  • Head and Neck

    Radiation oncologist Dr. Peter Ahn is part of the most experienced head and neck cancer team in the region, and with that experience comes an expertise in all of the latest technology, all under one roof.  Multidisciplinary clinics offer access to a wide variety of options from robotic surgery to immunotherapy. Our intensive radiation treatments are supported by a dedicated team, there with you every step of the way, with resources and services committed to preserving your ability to talk, eat, breathe, and swallow, including nutrition and speech and language therapy.

Multidisciplinary approach

At MedStar Georgetown, Radiation Oncology is a fully integrated program. We collaborate seamlessly throughout evaluation and management, with expert multidisciplinary specialists, nursing staff, and support services all under one roof. Behind the scenes, our physics team develops and designs individualized treatment protocols, ensuring the safe delivery of complex radiation therapies. Together, we’re committed to open communication with each other as well as your personal physician and supportive team.

Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center

We are part of the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, the D.C. region’s only comprehensive cancer center as designated by the National Cancer Institute, providing access to cutting-edge treatments and research for our patients.

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