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The MedStar-Georgetown Surgical Outcomes Research Center

MG-SORC logoThe MedStar-Georgetown Surgical Outcomes Research Center (MG-SORC) is a coalition of surgeons, other clinicians, and scientists committed to contributing to the scientific mission of Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) and MedStar Health by advancing the efficient and effective delivery of surgical care in the United States. Our short-term focus will contribute to science on disparities in surgical oncology care among vulnerable populations including older adults, ethnic and racial minorities, those with comorbidities, and persons in rural settings. The MG-SORC's early contributions to science on disparities in surgical oncology care will help establish a foundation for which a nationally recognized surgical outcomes research center can be built.

Over time, MG-SORC will play an important role in the current era of challenges including disparities in patient access and outcomes, poor accrual of people with cancer to surgical trials, a need for regionalization of surgical care, and variations in surgical quality just to name a few. Furthermore, and despite strides made within the practice of surgery, our society strives to make healthcare more efficient and patient centered.

To gain system-wide traction and provide guidance, Dr. Al-Refaie has convened an internal Steering Committee composed of distinguished academic leaders in oncology, surgery and clinical research from across Georgetown University and MedStar Health. In November 2013, the Steering Committee provided guidance that has contributed to the development of the current five-year strategic plan for MG-SORC, thus allowing it to meet its overarching developmental goals. The mission of MG-SORC is to ameliorate the burden of disease through efficient and effective surgical care through outcomes and health services research informed by the priorities of stakeholders and public policymakers. Its vision is to establish a nationally recognized surgical outcomes research center. To meet this mission and vision, six strategic directions have been identified with action items to be accomplished over the next five years. These directions are 1) establishing a scientific infra-structure for surgical outcomes research, 2) forming interest groups of funded investigators to collaborate in pursuing surgical outcomes research, 3) contributing to science by securing funding and publishing on areas related to the mission of MG-SORC, 4) positioning MG-SORC to be a key part of a larger MedStar based surgical outcomes center, 5) educating Georgetown University and MedStar Health on the importance of conducting surgical outcomes research, and 6) sustaining resources and pursue fundraising opportunities. 

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