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Surgical Resident Research Program

Surgical Resident Research Program
Surgical Resident Research Program

About the MedStar Surgical Resident Research Program

The MedStar-Georgetown Surgical Outcomes Research Center (MG-SORC), MedStar Health Research Institute (MHRI) and MedStar Health Academic Affairs are pleased to offer this combined research development and bio-statistical support program.

This program is designed to support the development of MedStar surgical residents in the MedStar Washington region (MGUH and MWHC surgical residency programs) pursuing careers focused on clinical, basic science, translational and medical education research in academic surgery.

Ideal applicants are MGUH and MWHC Surgery Residents with a career trajectory focused on academic surgery and seek to become independent, extramurally-supported clinical investigators. See Application Requirements below.

This is a 1-year program that will focus primarily on the design, conduct, and publication of a research project which may include, but is not limited to, a secondary analysis of existing clinical research data available to MedStar investigators, and a clinical research project using MedStar EHR data. In each case, projects completed via this program should provide initial data in support of subsequent clinical research and potential grant application. Participants’ work on the research projects will be mentored by surgical faculty as well as investigators from the MHRI Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics. Results from this research endeavor is expected to be submitted to an academic conference and published in a peer reviewed manuscript. Please note that this program does not provide direct salary support for accepted resident participants.  Lastly, this program is designed to support resident research efforts undertaken during their clinical or research years. Preference will be given to those in clinical years.

Application deadline: Monday, April 11


Application Requirements

Criteria for Applicants: 

  • Surgery resident in good standing within a MedStar Surgical GME program.
  • Training level: PGY2 or above (during their clinical or research years)
  • Approval letter from Department Chair and Program Director
  • Submit a letter of Interest articulating their idea, research mentor and plan (described below)
  • Results from this research endeavor are expected to be submitted to an academic conference and published in a peer-reviewed manuscript 

Criteria for Faculty Mentors:

Please note that at this time we are not asking for faculty to apply to the program directly.  Rather, we are asking that residents choose a mentor – either someone new or someone with whom they already have a relationship.  Faculty will then submit their information as part of the resident’s application.  Interested faculty are strongly encouraged to discuss their research lines with potential candidates to enhance this process.

  • Surgical faculty with a minimum appointment of Georgetown University Assistant Professor
  • Research experience with prior-peer reviewed publications or presentations
  • Surgical faculty experienced in resident mentorship – defined as a formal (assigned by the program) or informal mentorship of surgical residents.  ** Mentors spend time above and beyond standard educational/clinical teaching/operative coaching sessions, focusing on individualized guidance and suggestions, typically related to an aspect of the professional development of the mentee.

Faculty Mentor Expectations:

  • Faculty agrees to provide individualized and consistent mentorship to the resident throughout the year-long project. 
  • Faculty agrees to support the resident in their goal of completing the MedStar SRRP project within the described one-year timeline.
  • Results from this research endeavor are expected to be submitted to an academic conference and published in a peer-reviewed manuscript.
  • Faculty and resident agree to provide progress report every 6 months of their research activities

Resident Application requirements:

  • Letter of support for the resident from their Department Chair and/or Program Director stating their support of the resident, his/her mentor and their project idea.
  • Letter of Interest articulating the following: project’s research aims, significance, proposed methodology, timeline, sponsoring surgical faculty mentor (4,000 characters with space), and stated commitment to presenting their completed work to date at the 2017 MHRI Research Symposium.
  • Letter of support from the faculty mentor stating: 1) their expertise as a mentor, 2) his/her commitment to the resident and their project, and 3) examples of past mentees and their publications.
  • Surgical faculty supported in program participation by their Division Chief or Department Chair – as demonstrated in a Letter of Support.
  • Resident CV
  • Faculty mentor CV

We will enroll up to three participants annually. Applications will be reviewed by the MedStar Surgical Resident Research Program (SRRP) Advisory Committee (from MedStar Health – Washington region) and MedStar-Georgetown Surgical Outcomes Research Center. 

We hope you will consider applying for this program. For more information please contact Michele Lee Clements, Program Manager, MG-SORC, at [email protected] .


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