When you need treatment for your urinary or reproductive health, you can trust our renowned interventional radiologists to use minimally invasive procedures that help you heal faster and with less pain.

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What is Interventional Radiology for Men’s Health?

Interventional radiology is a safe, nonsurgical option for men experiencing an abnormal enlargement of the prostate or the veins in their scrotum. During interventional radiology procedures, our board-certified interventional radiologists are able to diagnose and treat urological and reproductive disorders in men using advanced imaging to guide treatment via a small tube called a catheter.

Because the procedures do not require large incisions, interventional radiology is a safer—and at times, more effective—alternative to open surgery. In addition, most patients are treated and discharged within the same day, getting them back to their life as quickly as possible.

Interventional Radiology for Men’s Health Treatments

From resolving urinary flow problems to improving infertility, our doctors are recognized regionally and nationally as leaders in interventional radiology for men’s health. In fact, we were one of the first groups in the United States to treat enlargement of the prostate using minimally invasive interventional radiology approaches.

Learn more about interventional radiology for men’s health treatment options offered at MedStar Health below.

Prostate Embolization

More than half of men in their 60s experience an enlarged prostate, resulting in difficulty urinating, a more frequent urge to urinate, increased nighttime urination, or weak urine flow. Interventional radiologists are able to safely and successfully block blood flow to your prostate for immediate relief without the side effects of traditional surgery.

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Varicocele Embolization

A common cause of infertility in men, a varicocele is the abnormal enlargement of veins in the male scrotum. They may cause scrotal pain and also reduce male fertility. To treat these symptoms, our skilled interventional radiologists block the abnormal veins by injecting clotting medications and tiny coils via a catheter to the area of the enlarged vein in your scrotum. This routes the blood to healthy veins, relieving pain and restoring fertility, in most cases.

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