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At MedStar Health, we offer the most advanced care and treatment for hip conditions. Our general approach incorporates MedStar Health’s value of cura personalis, which means caring for the whole person.

One of our top priorities is to educate you on the details of your hip condition, addressing all questions and concerns you have. We promise to advise you and your family on a treatment plan that includes the most effective approaches and a variety of procedures that benefit you with faster recovery times, better pain management, and more precise surgery, if necessary.

What is hip osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis of the hip refers to the inflammation of tissues that cushion your hip joint. The hip, a large ball-and-socket joint, has a layer of cartilage that allows your bones to move freely without causing bone-on-bone rubbing and damage. Over time, this padding can wear out and cause damage, swelling, and pain in the joint.

What causes hip osteoarthritis?

Hip osteoarthritis occurs as a result of the natural aging process, causing the cartilage between the bones that make up your hip joint to wear. While osteoarthritis can occur in any joint in the body, it is common in the hip, especially after a person has suffered a hip injury or had prior hip surgery. This type of osteoarthritis is known as post-traumatic arthritis and can develop years after the initial injury.

What are the symptoms of hip osteoarthritis?

These hip arthritis symptoms may warrant a visit to a hip specialist at MedStar Health:

  • Stiffness in the hip area, including the thighs and groin
  • Pain in the hip area
  • Difficulty moving the hip in different directions
  • Difficulty walking

How is hip osteoarthritis diagnosed?

The hip experts at MedStar Health can diagnose the full range of hip arthritis conditions. Our initial exam generally includes:

  • Medical history evaluation: During a medical history evaluation, your physician will ask questions about your past medical conditions, family medical history, and what caused your initial hip pain.
  • Physical exam: A physical exam of the hip area is done to evaluate your pain and to help diagnose your hip condition.
  • Imaging tests: Often, X-rays or other imaging tests will help your physician to determine the severity of your joint and bone damage.

What are the best hip osteoarthritis treatment options?

Sometimes, osteoarthritis in the hip can be managed using conservative treatment options, which include:

  • Avoiding painful activities
  • Use of a cane
  • Anti-inflammatory or pain medication
  • Steroid injections into the hip

Advanced arthritis in the hip can make it difficult to walk and perform many other basic daily activities. In these cases, an arthritis expert at MedStar Health may recommend hip surgery, which can provide relief from arthritis symptoms. Our hip replacement surgeons offer a wide range of advanced treatment and surgical options for all types of advanced hip arthritis, including:

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