Verstandig Pavilion

Verstandig Pavilion

Exterior photo of the Verstandig Pavillion at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

The Verstandig Pavilion is open and so is a world of possibilities.

New, state-of-the-art Verstandig Pavilion equipped with the latest technology, medical innovations, and comforts

For more than one hundred years, patients in the region have trusted us with their care from the basic to the most complex. The Verstandig Pavilion ensures that our renowned team will continue to deliver world class care offering the latest medical advancements while remaining on the forefront of medicine.

Approximately 477,000 square feet, the Pavilion features:

  • 156 private patient rooms with natural light supporting the most advanced care

  • A modern and expansive Emergency department (ER) that has doubled in size with 32 private rooms

  • 31 state-of-the-art operating rooms (OR) offering highly specialized surgical visualization and the latest minimally invasive and robotic equipments

  • A rooftop helipad with direct access to the emergency and operating rooms for easier access to care when every minute counts

  • Convenient parking and transportation options, with three levels of underground parking below the Pavilion and a covered drop-off at the entrance

  • Six acres of expansive green space, creating a relaxing, reflective environment

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The Verstandig Pavilion at a glance

  • 477,000

    Square Feet (Approximately)


  • 156

    Private Patient Rooms


  • 31

    State-of-the-Art Operating Rooms


  • 3

    Levels of Underground Parking


  • 32

    Exam Rooms in a New Emergency Department


  • 1

    Rooftop Helipad with
    OR and ED Access


The new Emergency Department offers easier access to lifesaving emergency care when every minute counts.

Nearly doubled in size, our new Emergency department (ER) will allow our emergency medicine team to continue to save lives when time is of the essence. With 32 private exam rooms, our expansive ER features:

  • A spacious, welcoming design: Modern and comfortable waiting areas promote healing and comfort for patients and their families.

  • Easier arrival: Separate entrances for patient drop-off and those arriving by ambulance providing easy access to our ER.

  • Universal treatment spaces: Our treatment rooms are equipped to care for any patient with any condition.

  • Faster access to treatment: Our rooftop helipad enables us to transport patients immediately to the Emergency department or operating rooms below.

  • Integrated technology: Advanced imaging and other portable equipment is available bedside for more efficient care.

Operating rooms equipped with innovative technology

31 state-of-the-art Operating Rooms (ORs) offer advanced capabilities, all designed so our experts have the latest, most innovative medical technologies to continue to provide excellent care for our patients through:

  • Exceptional visualization during minimally invasive and robotic surgeries using 4K image quality.

  • Unmatched surgical precision through spectral imaging technology that allows our surgeons to accurately identify critical anatomy, blood flow, and detect cancer margins invisible to the naked eye.

  • Efficient care coordination, with the ability to virtually connect with pathology and radiology specialists without leaving the patient’s side during surgery.

  • Quicker treatment and enhanced surgical approaches, as we’re the only hospital in the region to offer the most advanced, movable Intraoperative MRI System (IMRIS), providing real-time imaging to allow neurosurgeons to precisely remove brain tumors, accurately place electrodes during deep brain stimulation surgeries, minimize risk, and reduce the need for post-op imaging and additional surgeries. 

  • Real-time communication with families using technology to ensure patients’ loved ones stay updated on surgery progress.

With direct access from the rooftop helipad, patients can immediately be transported to these lifesaving operating rooms, converted and prepped specifically to their particular needs, when time matters the most.



Parking for the Verstandig Pavillion at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital is located in the underground garage.

We offer three levels of parking below the Verstandig Pavilion to ensure convenience for patients visiting the Pavilion.

Your appointment confirmation will include information on where to park. To access the Pavilion, please use Entrance 1 at Reservoir Rd. and 38th St., NW, and follow the signs to self-park in the Parking 1 garage. Patients may also be dropped off at the covered front entrance of the building via Entrance 1. If you need assistance or prefer to valet park, please park in our Parking 2 garage, accessible via Entrance 2.

Remember to validate your parking ticket before paying to receive our discounted rates. Following your visit, you can pay for parking with a credit card, debit card, or cash at self-pay machines located within the garage.


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