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Bedrail holder
This MInnovation can decrease unnecessary weight and pull on the CL and dressing.
transducer securement thumb
A catheter strap used to help keep a transducer at the correct placement.
Morris syringe holder
A device that minimizes or eliminates the need for the use of a pump and is portable, increasing mobility with transportation.
screenshot thumbnail
An online solution that would allow MedStar providers access to hospital-specific antibiogram profile.
Bed frame cable holder
A simple solution to suspend multiple device cords off the floor.
Rapid access falls cart
Storing falls-related equipment and supplies in one convenient place for rapid access.
Epidural task trainer
An innovative and inexpensive way for residents to practice epidural technique.
IV line supply cart clear waste disposal
An easy solution to minimize clutter on the on the vascular access cart.
Block utilization and analytics dashboard
A tool for improving operating room block schedules.
medication organizer
An inexpensive solution to organize medications by room.
Mesh underwear bra
Re-purposing mesh underwear into a bra to keep female behavioral health patients safe and adequately clothed.
Belt loop cinch
An easy solution to provide a safe belt for behavioral health patients.
data system
A simple graphic user interface allowing those with minimal computer skills to manage any deficiencies in the environment of care.
paintball arm guard
A better option to protect clinicians from physical injury by a behavioral health patient.
Tap shoelace
An innovative and safe replacement for the shoelaces of at-risk patients.
dosing charts
These charts help to determine the correct dose of children's medications.
nurse sleeve
Nurses can use a quarterback sleeve to jot down patient information while keeping it protected from prying eyes.
Stroke kardex
Nurses can use the Stroke Kardex to compile all the necessary patient health information they need to care for their patients without referencing the EMR.
line connector
Did you know a thermometer probe can be used to connect O2 lines? Use this MInnovation when the supplied connectors are out of stock.
kidney stone filter
Kidney stone filter/funnel out of stock? Use a plastic urinal, gauze and a rubber band to filter a passed stone from a Foley catheter collection bag.
Swift up down labels for IV lines
Use blank patient chart information labels to note when an IV line was hung and when it should be changed.
Bed clamp
When only one transport tech is available, secure a secondary IV bag hangar clip onto the bedrail to tow the IV pole during transport.

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