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9105 Franklin Square Drive is a 3-story brick and concrete building on MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center's campus.
9105 Franklin Square Dr.
Ste. 106
Baltimore, MD 21237

Welcome to physical therapy at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center

Our physical therapy services are conveniently located in the White Square Building on the MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center campus. Our team of physical, occupational, and speech-language therapists provide a patient centered approach to a range of services. All services are customized to meet an individual’s specific needs and goals. Through our individualized rehabilitation programs, we aim to restore each patient to his or her highest possible level of functioning.

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Visiting MedStar Health Physical Therapy at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center

Hours of operation:

Monday to Thursday
8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


We proudly accept most major health plans. The list below serves as a guide and is subject to change. If you are unsure about your coverage, please call your insurance provider. Insurance is collected prior to scheduling services. 

Our providers

  • Valerie Queensberry, PT, CLT

    Valerie Queensberry graduated from University of Maryland - Baltimore with B.S. in Physical Therapy. Valerie’s rehabilitation specialties include: 

    • Certified lymphedema therapist 
    • Special interest in treatment of headaches, cervicocranial dysfunction 
    • Manual therapy, including coursework in craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation 
    • Cancer rehab 
  • Barry Day, PT

    Barry Day earned his bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from University of Maryland, Baltimore. Barry’s rehabilitation specialties include: 

    • Neurorehabilitation 
    • Orthopedic injuries and conditions 
    • Pain management 
    • Parkinson’s disease 
    • Sports injuries 
    • Stroke recovery 
  • Jessie Lim, MS, CCC-SLP

    Jessie Lim graduated from Loyola University and Loyola University Graduate School. Completed a Clinical Fellowship with GBMC Head and Neck Rehab and University of MD Neurology Dept. Jessies’ specialties include: 

    • Modified Barium Swallow Studies 
    • Vital Stimulation 
    • Head and Neck Cancer/Swallowing 
    • Neurological/Cognitive deficits 
    • Voice Disorders 
    • Vocal Cord Dysfunction 
    • LSVT LOUD 
    • FEES/Videostroboscopy 
  • Lilian Tang, PT, DPT 

    Lilian Tang earned her doctorate of physical therapy from Marist College. Lilian's rehabilitation specialties include:

    • Neurorehabilitation
    • Knee, Foot, and Ankle Therapy
    • Stroke Recovery
  • Rebecca Schwender, PT, DPT

    Rebecca Schwender attended Dickinson College where she received a bachelor’s degree in both biochemistry and molecular biology, as well as theatre and dance. She also completed her doctoral degree in physical therapy from the University of Delaware. Rebecca leads the performing arts therapy program and specializes in the following:

    • Pelvic Health
    • ACL Return-to-Play Testing
    • Dance/Performing Arts Injuries
    • Knee, Foot, and Ankle Therapy
    • Neck Pain and Lower Back Pain
    • Orthopedic Injuries and Conditions
    • Running Injury Care
    • Sports Injuries

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