Gratitude Stories

Gratitude is expressed all across MedStar Health-from our friends,families, caregivers, community, and patients. Thank you for sharing your experience.




Veteran Musician Stays Creative through Care

Samuel Hollomand fondly remembers his time with the National Guard and 272nd Army Band. He excitedly discusses his days of performing as a jazz musician.

At 90 years old, despite facing numerous health conditions and intermittent need for rehabilitation, Samuel can still express his creativity through photography, music production, and technology. He credits his occupational therapist, Elizabeth Romero (pictured left), for helping him keep his creative ability.

“The MedStar Visiting Nurse Association not only employs wonderful professionals, but they are also wonderful human beings,” Samuel explained. It was through the collaborative effort of a team of caregivers that Samuel received care in the comfort of his own home that was tailored specifically to his health needs. He is grateful for the care he received from everyone, but for Elizabeth in particular.

“I would always request Elizabeth as my therapist,” Samuel continued, “and even though my treatments are currently done, Elizabeth is always just a call away. She checks in on me from time to time, too!”

They Gave Me Back to Him

Thene Mernick recalls her sudden injury after feeling faint. She talks about how MedStar Health helped in her healing process and how grateful she and her husband are for the team that supported her incredible recovery.

Creativity for the Healing


After Harry Ulrich received his diagnosis of prostate cancer, he and his wife Harriet were worried about his prognosis. Concerned about finding the right provider, Harry and Harriet researched their options for care providers and discovered the CyberKnife technology at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

Their search led them to Sean P. Collins, MD at MedStar Health. “Dr. Collins had a track record of treating over 1,300 prostate cancer patients, and we were impressed by how deeply warm, relatable, and upbeat everyone on his team was,” Harry said.

The compassion, empathy, and respectful care they received from the entire team helped ease their anxiety every step of the way. Everyone from the front desk person helping them schedule treatments around travel plans, to the accommodating nurses and follow up physician. “We both felt like we were in a partnership with Dr. Collins and his team,” they said. “This is truly patient-centered care.”

Their gratitude for Dr. Collins and the entire group who helped them through Harry’s treatment led them to provide beautiful artwork to improve the aesthetic quality of the radiation oncology lobby. Harry and Harriet (pictured with their artwork) hope the improved lobby will help other patients and families feel more comfortable throughout their treatment experience.

I Have Hope

Grateful Patient Kevin Kolb discusses how life-changing research and immunotherapy helped him get his life back after a Stage 4 Melanoma diagnosis.

K MyersCompassionate Care for Carpenter Hobbyist

Kathy Myers was home enjoying her hobby of refinishing furniture when she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. The rapid feeling of pain was so intense, it knocked Kathy to her knees.

A quick call to her friend and she found herself in the emergency department of MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital. Kathy recounted, “Everyone was concerned and did their all to make sure I was seen quickly and was as comfortable as I could be. The way they treated me with such kindness really calmed me and I knew they were on my side.”

When she arrived at the emergency department, she realized that she forgot her cell phone, but a nurse was able to help her connect with her loved ones. “When people put that much compassion and love in their work… to see the level of care they give, not only professionally, but just as the good, genuine people they are -- these are the exact people who you want to surround you in a health emergency,” Kathy shared.

As she learned more about her prognosis, it became apparent emergency surgery would be required. Her surgeon explained the best next steps not only to Kathy, but also over the phone to her parents who were en route to the hospital.

After an early morning surgery and during a day of rest at the hospital, Kathy met many care team members. Kathy reflected, “Everyone on the staff, from the surgeon to the kind woman who would wipe down my room, they stopped and talked to me like I was more than just a patient, they treated me like I was one of their people.”

Great Satisfaction

Kenny Alexander, RN, MedStar Montgomery Medical Center, talks about how his patients impact his life and the great sense of satisfaction that comes from helping them reach their goals.

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