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A comprehensive team approach to behavioral health services

Our team of behavioral health professionals provides comprehensive care services to diagnose and treat children, adolescents, adults, and geriatric individuals who struggle with a behavioral health condition. Located in the Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia areas, there are many reasons to choose MedStar Health:

  • High standards for quality of care
  • A collaborative and comprehensive team
  • Dedicated to compassionate and culturally competent care
  • A continuum of care including outpatient, partial hospitalization and inpatient
  • Psychiatric emergency services

We care for our patients through specialized inpatient, outpatient, and integrated care, including assistance with medical conditions.

To help manage chronic health conditions and encourage a focus on comprehensive wellness, we partner with patients’ primary care physicians and other health professionals. We work together as a team to find a treatment plan that is tailored to each patient’s needs.

What is it and how can MedStar Health help?

Behavioral health is the connection between behaviors and the health and well-being of the body, mind and spirit. This includes how behaviors like eating habits, drinking or exercising impact physical or mental health. It is important to know that behavior health is a blanket term that includes mental health. Our clinical programs outlined below are specifically designed to help provide specialized care for each individual.

Clinical programs

A group of nurses poses for a photo in a hospital hallway at MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

Meet our behavior care providers

Our highly skilled, experienced team comprises board-certified psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, behavioral health nurses and more.

Our locations

Convenient locations in Washington, DC, Baltimore, Maryland, and Virginia.

Additional information


Our team is regularly published in the healthcare literature. We are also involved in community-based research and innovation, including the Safe Babies, Safe Moms Project, a $30 million grant from the Clark Foundation focusing on maternal and early childhood health.

The Holistic Healing Arts Retreat: An Intensive, Experiential Intervention for Survivors of Interpersonal Trauma: This study examined the effectiveness of an intensive, experiential intervention, the Holistic Healing Arts Retreat, for improving posttraumatic symptoms (primary) and comorbid depression and perceived stress (secondary).

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health, suicide-related or substance-use crisis, call or text 988 to reach the national Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. Click here to learn more about the new 988 National Crisis Lifeline.