Construction Info

Primary elements of the Construction Management Plan are condensed below to facilitate quick identification of particular topics and issues. Links to all relevant exhibits can be found in the text. You can read the full Construction Management Plan here.

MGUH Medical/Surgical Pavilion: construction management plan

This Construction Management Plan represents a collaborative process that has been informed by MGUH associates and leadership, GU and the surrounding community leadership. The guiding principles for the MGUH Medical/Surgical Pavilion (“Project”), which have been agreed to by the Georgetown Community Partnership (“GCP”) have been acknowledged and incorporated in this plan. Specifically, MedStar Health and the GCP have agreed to the following:

  • Complete transparency of all information and data;
  • Clear lines of accountability and points of contact;
  • Communication procedures and methods that maximize effectiveness for the community;
  • A comprehensive staging plan that minimizes community impact and traffic;
  • Construction workers brought to the site via shuttles and no workers parking in the community;
  • Truck traffic reduction strategies using flaggers and wireless technology, eliminating idling of trucks on Reservoir Road and in the vicinity;
  • Off-site parking to replace the loss of on-site parking during construction;
  • Noise, trash and vermin mitigation strategies; and
  • Repairing and resurfacing any part of Reservoir Road or other roads within the community damaged by construction traffic.
  • Foreword

    As a leading hospital in the region providing care for over 100 years, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital is now embarking on a critical path to continue the advancement of health care delivery and to meet the current and future health care needs of the patients and community it serves. The Medical/Surgical Pavilion will house 156 private patient rooms, 32 operating rooms, a new emergency department with 32 exam rooms and 1 SANE suite, 3 levels of underground parking and a rooftop helipad with direct access to the operating rooms and emergency department.

Commitment to safety

Our highest priority is providing a safe environment for all patients, students, neighbors, associates and construction workers. The property’s perimeter will be properly surrounded to ensure that construction activity is isolated from the general public. In addition, signage will be strategically placed around the site and campus to clearly inform traffic and pedestrians of site conditions.


  • MGUH Safety

    The MGUH Safety Guide provides a reference for contractors and their subcontractors to ensure the safety of and protect our patients, associates, visitors, contractor associates, and surrounding environment while conducting operations on MedStar Georgetown University Hospital properties.

    See page 17 of the Construction Management Plan to view the MGUH Safety Guide.

  • Safety Program

    Implementing safe working practices and ensuring the wellbeing of every person is a core value of Clark. All subcontractors will receive a Clark Safety, Health and Environmental Policy Manual, which contains Clark’s policies, programs, and procedures that govern safe work practices.

General project information

  • Project Management Staff

    The Trammell Crow Company and Clark Construction Group management staff will primarily be located onsite at the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital campus.

  • Jobsite Location

    MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
    3800 Reservoir Road NW
    Washington, DC 20007

    See page 34 of the Construction Management Plan to view specific directions to the jobsite.
  • Points of Contact

    See page 6 of the Construction Management plan for a list of all companies and relevant staff working on the Project, including primary points of contact.

Schedule and logistics

  • Construction Schedule

    Project construction will begin in Q1 of 2018 and will be completed in Q4 of 2021. See page 36 of the Construction Management Plan for a summary of the planned construction timeline.

  • Logistics Plan

    See page 38 of the Construction Management Plan to view the Site Logistics Plan, detailing access points to and within the hospital campus during construction. Clark will not operate outside of the highlighted limits of disturbance (“LOD”) in Lots A and B.
  • MGUH On-Campus Parking

    A dedicated parking team is identifying and developing a parking plan for the construction phase that is viable for the Hospital’s patients and visitors, and considerate to and mindful of impacted MGUH associates.

    The Construction Plan impacts roughly 350 parking spaces (all of Lot A and Lot B). The Parking Team will use a combination of off-campus parking and transit subsidies for impacted associates.

    Diagrams that reflect the MGUH On-Campus Parking in the current, construction and post-construction states can be found on page 40 of the Construction Management Plan.

  • Adjacent Property

    The Owner will perform a preconstruction condition survey of the property to the Project site. In accordance with the Owner/Clark Construction Agreement, Clark shall:

    • Take all reasonable precautions for the safety of adjacent property and provide all reasonable protection to prevent damage to other property adjacent to the site, and
    • Maintain Commercial General Liability Insurance providing coverage for damage claims resulting from destruction of tangible property.
  • Equipment & Material Deliveries

    Each subcontractor shall provide an equipment and material delivery log in enough detail to indicate submittal dates, lead times, required delivery dates and suppliers.

  • Hauling & Delivery Plan

    The Hauling & Delivery Route Plan into and out of the surrounding neighborhood has been designated and will be monitored by the Clark Project Team. See page 44 of the Construction Management Plan to view the Hauling & Delivery Plan.

    All deliveries must use the Designated Construction Entrance when accessing the jobsite, which is the north entrance off of Reservoir Road at Gate 1 (see page 45) No deliveries are to enter through any other entrance. All deliveries of material and equipment to the Project are to arrive on the jobsite during off peak hours to avoid traffic congestion.

  • GPS Tracking for Hauling & Delivery Trucks

    Clark will monitor the hauling and delivery routes using GPS devices given to drivers when they check in at the offsite staging area. All hauling & delivery drivers will keep the GPS devices in their cabs while traveling through the neighborhood and entering the site. They will drop the devices off with a Clark employee at the truck checkpoint shown in the Hauling & Delivery Route Plan (see page 44) after they have left the jobsite. These devices will ensure that the Project team can verify truck routes and minimize disruptions in the surrounding neighborhood. Real time access to GPS tracking is under exploration and will be reviewed with the GCP.

  • Crane Plan

    See page 47 of the Construction Management Plan to view the concept Project Crane Plan based on early design plans. No loads will be transferred over the adjacent Cloisters residences. The team will update this plan as it continues to develop.
  • Fence Plan

    The Fence Plans for the Project site can be viewed on page 49 of the Construction Management Plan. The wooden fencing will be installed along Reservoir Road and along the eastern portion of Lot B adjacent to the Cloisters to provide a private, clean façade to face the surrounding neighborhood. The other fence types will be used in combination on the remainder of the site’s perimeter.

  • Gate Concierge

    Clark will employ a gate concierge stationed at Gate 1 along Reservoir Road. The gate concierge will have the following roles:

    • Controlling construction traffic during hauling and deliveries to limit the disruption to traffic on Reservoir Road;
    • Maintaining the boundary between the general public and the construction workforce to prevent unauthorized access into the site and prevent unauthorized construction activity or parking; and
    • Acting as an ambassador for the Project to any hospital patients, associates, visitors and students.
  • Site Access

    The Project site will not be accessible by the public. Inspections specific to the administering of this Construction Management Plan shall be managed through a to be determined single point of contact from the GCP. Unlimited access to the site is not possible for safety reasons. All site access must be scheduled and coordinated with site safety and management plans.

General jobsite information

  • Work Hours

    Standard working hours on the MGUH site are between the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm, Monday through Saturday, in accordance with local statutes. The Project work hours may be adjusted by Clark, but will remain within the agreed-upon timeframes.

  • Noise Control

    Clark is committed to minimizing construction noise and disruptions throughout the Project. Noise control is a particularly critical feature of working proximate to hospitals, neighborhoods and universities. Per Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs noise regulations, construction activities will only occur between 7:00am and 7:00pm, Monday through Saturday.

    The following time periods will be defined as Quiet Periods on the Project site:

    • 7:00am – 8:00am (Monday – Friday);
    • 7:00am – 9:00am (Saturday); and,
    • GU Academic Calendar’s defined Study Days and Examinations Begin – Examinations End days for the Fall and Spring Terms.
  • On-site Parking

    Parking on the MGUH campus, the GU campus, or in the surrounding neighborhoods is prohibited. Subcontractors shall provide shuttles for their employees to reach the jobsite per the provided Construction Employee Shuttle Plan.

    See page 55 of the Construction Management Plan to view the Construction Employee Shuttle Plan.

Construction timeline

Construction announcements

Letters to the community