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"What you have to do as a family doctor is remain true to what brought you to the party."
- Richard Roberts, M.D., Past-President, American Academy of Family Physicians


In 2007, our curriculum underwent a complete update. This was a joint collaboration between residents, faculty and the program director. Among the objectives of this change was to free up more time in the intern year to give new residents the opportunity for independent learning and to begin to develop their scholarly activities. The new system also provides more upper level supervision, while simultaneously increasing the autonomy of junior residents. We have continued to make flexibility in the program a priority allowing residents to play an active role in creating their own unique residency experience. Pediatrics, Women's Health, and Ambulatory Medicine have always been our programs great strengths, but our curriculum now also emphasizes public health and scholarly activities.

Curriculum Highlights

  • All experiences are on site
  • Three and a half months of unopposed inpatient pediatrics and 40 percent pediatrics in our clinic
  • Great procedure training with weekly procedure, sports medicine, dermatology and gynecology clinics
  • Incredible opportunity to perform a large number of outpatient procedures in subspecialty rotations (for example: each resident will perform dozens of joint injections during their orthopedics experience)
  • Two months in a top ICU
  • Consistent mentorship in scholarly activities with many grant, scholarship, conference and publication opportunities
  • Night float coverage improves resident lifestyle in core rotations while offering a great summation experience as an upper level when covering pediatrics, obstetrics, and the adult inpatient services
  • Geriatrics training with supervised home visits and nursing home, rehabilitation experience.
  • Encouraged international medicine experiences either independently or with faculty
  • Ambulatory continuity starts in the intern year with six full blocks of dedicated outpatient time throughout the residency
  • Continuity obstetrics with our OB faculty.

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