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Clinical Staff

James P. Higgins, MD - Chief of Hand Surgery
W. Hugh Baugher, MD - Vice Chief of Hand Surgery
Michael S. Murphy, MD - Assistant Program Director
Christopher L. Forthman, MD - Attending Physician
Aviram M. Giladi, MD, MS - Attending Physician
Peter C. Innis, MD - Attending Physician
Michael S. McClinton, MD - Attending Physician
Kenneth R. Means, Jr., MD - Attending Physician
Russell Moore, MD - Attending Physician 
Keith A. Segalman, MD - Attending Physician 
Raymond A. Wittstadt, MD - Attending Physician 
Neal B. Zimmerman, MD - Attending Physician 
Ryan M. Zimmerman, MD - Attending Physician
Connie Bezankeng, PA-C – Physician Assistant
Jill Glick, PA-C - Physician Assistant
Noe Fielder, PA-C – Physician Assistant
Michelle Levesque, PA-C – Physician Assistant
Michelle Kim, PA-C - Physician Assistant
DaShaun McNeely, PA-C - Physician Assistant - PRN
Tori Wilson –Site Coordinator GME
Cynthia Johnson – Medical Data Analyst

Research Staff

Aviram M. Giladi, MD, MS – Research Director
Kenneth R. Means, Jr., MD – Clinical Research Consultant
Brent Parks, MSc - Director, STAT Laboratory
Sione Fanua - Microsurgery Instructor, Researcher
Ike Fleming - Research Coordinator
Anne Mattson - Editor

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