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Heather Fitzhugh-Boehm

Heather Fitzhugh-Boehm, RN – Central Maryland

During her nine years with MedStar Health, Heather Fitzhugh-Boehm has realized that home healthcare is the ideal field for her. According to Heather, seeing the difference she makes in patients’ lives has been one of the most rewarding aspects of her job.

Heather visits patients with chronic health conditions and helps them keep their symptoms under control to avoid emergency medical situations that could lead to hospital admission. In addition to her patient care role, Heather acts as a preceptor for her team, training the new nurses to provide optimal care to help patients live safely at home.

“The relationships I build with patients in their own homes are very different from the relationships I built with patients I cared for when I worked in a hospital. For me, home health relationships are much more personal and meaningful. My advice for someone seeking a job in home healthcare is: this job is 90 percent personality and 10 percent nursing. Clinicians in this field have to build relationships with patients and have a passion for education. Our job isn’t only to take care of patients, but rather to teach them how to achieve a better quality of life.”

According to Heather, MedStar managers know the challenges she faces in the field, and take genuine interest in her life and aspirations. “My home healthcare career would not have been possible without MedStar’s management and opportunities for advancement. Everyone here really cares.”