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Healthy-at-Home Assessment

Recovering from an illness or a hospital stay may take time. To make sure that home is the safest and most appropriate place to recover, one of our registered nurses will assess the client’s unique needs.

The Healthy-at-Home Assessment includes:

  • A survey of the home environment to identify the need for additional support or to identify safety risks.
  • Instruction and organization of medicines
  • Assessment of personal care needs and recommendations
  • Identification of community support resources that may be needed
  • Assistance and direction to set up doctor appointments for follow up

During the assessment, be honest about your needs. Ask yourself:

  • What were you able to do prior to hospitalization?
  • What was your living situation like?
  • Were you receiving help prior to hospitalization?
  • How are you feeling?
  • What's your general health condition?
  • What kind of practical support do you need?
  • Are you independent in daily living activities?
    1. Transferring
    2. Toileting
    3. Bathing
    4. Dressing
    5. Feeding self
  • Will my condition improve with physical and/or occupational therapy? (Specific examples include stroke, hip fracture, head injury, or generalized reconditioning from pneumonia or prolonged bed-rest.)
  • Do you have any other skilled needs? (IV medications, specialized wound care, tube feeding, respiratory care)

It is possible that the assessment will find that caring for yourself at home is not the best option. If this happens, a MedStar Health Home Care Care Partners team member can help you investigate other options and other sources of support.

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