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Ostomy Care at Home

MedStar Health Home Care offers knowledgeable and supportive nursing care to help patients who have an ostomy. Specially certified wound, ostomy, and continence care nurses visit patients' homes to teach them and their caregivers how to care for the ostomy and live comfortably with an ostomy pouch.

In-Home Ostomy Care Services

  • Continual assessment and evaluation of the ostomy site
  • Ostomy care
  • Wound care
  • Self-care education, including how to change dressings and the ostomy pouch
  • Specialized treatment plans

Ostomy Education

As part of personalized treatment sessions, MedStar Health Home Care’s wound, ostomy, and continence care nurses educate patients and caregivers on how to properly care for an ostomy. This approach helps patients maximize their independence and improve their quality of life.  Instructional support includes:  

  • How to empty the pouch and change the pouch
  • How to clean the affected and surrounding area
  • How to care for the skin around the stoma
  • Food guidelines for ileostomy patients to minimize discomfort

What is an ostomy?

When a part of the intestine or urinary system doesn't work as it should, a doctor can perform surgery to make an opening in the patient’s abdomen. This opening is called an ostomy. There are several types:

  • A colostomy is an ostomy of the colon
  • An ileostomy is an ostomy of the small intestine
  • A urostomy is an ostomy of the bladder

With an ostomy, waste no longer leaves the body from the anus and instead leaves the body through the part of the intestine at the ostomy opening. This part of the intestine is called the stoma. There's no muscle around the stoma, so the individual cannot control when waste or gas leaves the body. Waste automatically goes from the stoma into a plastic bag (or “pouch”) around the stoma. This pouch will block the smell of the waste. MedStar Health Home Care nurses teach patients how to care for the ostomy and change the pouch.

Good care can make living with a stoma easier. It can help keep a good seal between the skin and the pouch, which can prevent the patient’s skin from getting irritated.

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