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Patient and Caregiver Responsibilities

Patients and their homecare team are partners in the home healthcare journey. To ensure progress, the patient/caregiver must understand his/her role. Patients of MedStar Health Home Care are responsible for the following:

Contact Information:  Tell us the correct address and phone number for where you will be staying.

Phone Calls: Answer the phone when we call. Return all phone calls and voicemail messages. Your homecare team needs to contact you to schedule visits and discuss your care.

Insurance Cards: Provide us with a copy of your insurance card(s).

Doctors: Give us the name and number of the doctor who referred you to homecare. Also be prepared to give the names and numbers of other doctors you may visit. Tell us if your doctors change.

Work Together: Participate in your care. You can do this by following the care plan that we work on together.

Pets: Keep all pets (except service animals) closed in a separate room when homecare team members are in the home with you.

Talk to Us: Tell a home healthcare team member if you do not understand or if you are unable to take part in your own care.

Support: Arrange for a family member or friend to assist in your care if you are unable to care for yourself.

Keep Us Posted: Tell MedStar Health Home Care about changes in your condition, medicine, or treatment. Call MedStar Health Home Care if you are admitted to the hospital. Tell us if you go to the doctor.

Provide a Safe Home: Homecare team members must leave your home if they feel like they are not safe. This may include sexual harassment, verbal abuse, violence, illegal drugs, open use of firearms, or other unsafe conditions.

Video and Voice Recording: Homecare team members should not be videotaped or voice-recorded during patient visits. This protects employee and patient privacy rights.