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Our orthopedic team is proud to offer anterior cervical discectomy and fusion surgery. Our experienced surgeons offer you the comprehensive care you need to eliminate your pain and get you back to your normal life. They are fellowship-trained in spine surgery and specialize exclusively in caring for neck and back conditions.

What is anterior cervical discectomy and fusion?

Degenerative changes take place in the cervical spine as you age. Sometimes, damage occurs that disrupts the cervical discs and causes neck pain. When neck pain or immobility is severe, or when conservative treatment options are ineffective, your physician may recommend a surgical procedure to remove the problematic neck disc and reduce neck pain. This procedure is known as anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF surgery) and may help some patients overcome neck pain and immobility.

What does ACDF surgery involve?

Anterior Cervical Discectomy

During the discectomy portion of the cervical spine surgery, your surgeon will remove the disc that is causing pressure on the cervical spine. To do this, a small incision is made in the front of your neck, moving the neck muscles to the side and out of harm’s way. Then, your doctor will use an X-ray to locate and remove the disc. After this, the second portion of the surgery, cervical fusion, is performed.

Anterior Cervical Fusion

During the cervical fusion surgery, also known as neck fusion surgery, your surgeon will fill the disc space that once held the affected disc with a portion of bone taken from the patient’s pelvis or a bone bank. Then, the two remaining cervical vertebrae are fused together using the bone graft.

What does ACDF surgery recovery involve?

Following cervical spinal fusion surgery, your surgeon will work with you to create a personalized recovery plan that meets your needs. Recovery may include:

  • Neck bracing
  • Pain medication
  • Physical therapy
  • Rest

What are the benefits of undergoing ACDF surgery?

The benefits of visiting us for anterior cervical discectomy and fusion include:

  • Neck pain relief
  • Nerve pressure relief
  • Corrected spinal structure
  • Improved range of motion

Why is this procedure performed?

Cervical discectomy and fusion may be recommended for patients who are suffering from any of the following problems that occur in the neck (cervical spine):