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Attending physician office hours

Each fellow will accompany an attending and directly participate in their office hours (2 - 2  1/2 days weekly). The fellow will usually have the opportunity to evaluate each new patient, develop a treatment plan, and discuss these findings with their attending. Clinic volumes vary from 30-60 patients daily and include a variety of adult and adolescent patients involved in recreational, scholastic, collegiate and professional sports.

Operative experience

Each fellow will be directly involved in 500 – 750 cases each year. This will involve a mixture of hospital based in/outpatient surgery and outpatient surgi-center based procedures.

Athletic training rooms and teams coverage

A wide variety of team coverage experience is a priority of our program. Fellows will participate in the care of the Baltimore Ravens and attend NFL Combines. They will also provide care for the Washington Nationals and attending spring training.

We cover nearly fifteen university programs in the Baltimore-Washington area, including two division I-AA football programs, six division I lacrosse programs and a number of D-II and D-III sports programs.

We continue to provide care for special events such as the U.S. Junior Track and Field Olympics, the Baltimore Marathon, and the PGA Tour of America.

The fellows take on a wide range of responsibility from working as the team physicians at scholastic and smaller colleges, working in close coordination with supervising staff at university programs and in a more observational role with the professional athletic teams. Our rotations are structured such that the fellows have ongoing relationships with the teams. This enables the fellows to truly get to know the athletes, coaches and school administrators.

Other rotations

MedStar Washington Hospital Center

Wiemi Douoguih, MD, faculty adviser for education and clinical rotation

This rotation with Dr. Douoguih will supplement the fellowship experience with exposure to upper-extremity/throwing injuries. Also, due to the Level I Trauma at MedStar Washington, there is significant exposure to multiligamentous knee injuries and knee dislocation of a high-energy nature. The fellows will also be exposed to a slightly different way of approaching common sports medicine conditions. This is due to Dr. Douoguih's west coast fellowship at Kerlan & Jobe, and his practice development outside of the hospital.

Goals and objectives

  • Fellows will gain insight and growing proficiency in the musculoskeletal care in the throwing athletes including non-operative care and rehabilitation, arthroscopic and open surgical interventions for both the shoulder and elbow with special emphasis on the collateral reconstruction about the elbow.
  • Fellows will gain insight, exposure and growing proficiency in the diagnosis, clinical work up, emergency and elective care of high energy trauma multiligamentous knee injury and dislocation. Special emphasis will be placed on surgical technique staging and prioritization.
  • Fellows will gain insight to common sports conditions which vary from the commonly taken approaches in their Union Memorial experience. Some example may include, all inside fixation on ACL reconstruction and soft tissue arthroscopic latarjet procedures for shoulder revision and anterior stabilization.

Deer Pointe Surgical Center and Peninsula Regional Medical Center, Salisbury, MD

Jason Scopp, MD, faculty adviser for education and clinical rotation

This rotation will provide exposure and participation in complex articular cartilage restoration procedures. This will supplement the exposure of these issues at the hospitals.

Goals and objectives

  • Fellows will gain insight and exposure in the care of complex articular cartilage restorative procedures such as, sandwich bone grafting technique in combination with autologous cartilage implantation, OATS procedures for containment in ACI procedures, and combined osteotomy and cartilage restorative procedures.
  • Participation in lab session at UMH STAT Lab directed by Dr. Jason Scopp, along with didactic lectures to cover articular cartilage restoration and certification in Genzyme type ACI procedures.

Shoulder and sports practice at MedStar Harbor Hospital

Leigh Ann Curl, MD and Milford Marchant, MD, faculty advisers for education and clinical rotation

Goals and objectives

  • Fellows are to gain insight and grow proficiently in the diagnosis and treatment of complex shoulder conditions such as arthroplasty and restoration procedures for arthritis in the active adult population, massive rotator cuff repair, and complex revision instability surgery.
  • Fellows will gain a different shoulder and elbow "approach" versus a "sports approach" to common shoulder conditions.

Foot and Ankle Service, MedStar Union Memorial Hospital

Greg Guyton, MD, faculty Adviser for education and clinical rotation

Goals and objectives

  • Fellows are to gain insight and growing proficiently in common foot and ankle procedures, such as, brostrom, reconstruction and ankle arthroplasty.
  • Fellows will develop proficiency in the clinical diagnosis of common sports related foot and ankle conditions.

The policies and procedures which govern the fellows at the hospitals will apply to these rotations. Evaluations of the fellow by the faculty will involve the common 360 degree faculty evaluation utilized by the core staff and the fellow will evaluate their rotation in trimester meetings with their program director and a formal evaluation which is used at the end of the year.

Salary & Benefits