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Teaching Opportunities

Teaching Didactic Conference

This program is a joint effort of the Orthopaedic Sports Fellowship training programs at the MedStar Union Memorial Hospital. There are weekly comprehensive multidisciplinary conferences covering a full range of sports topics by physicians in Medstar and out. The program is designed with regard to the program education requirements for graduate medical education in orthopaedic sports medicine as outlined by the ACGME, AAOS, ABOS, AMA, and the RRC.

Lab sessions

The first Tuesday of every month there will be a lab session in the STAT Lab. Cadaveric Labs include: Meniscal Repair, Elbow Arthroscopy, Articular Cartilage Restoration, Carticel Certification, Posterior Lateral Corner, Meniscal Transplantation, OATS, Clavicle Fracture Fixation, Ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction, posterior cruciate, hip arthroscopy and high tibial osteotomy. Fellows also assist residents with basic knee and shoulder and advance knee and shoulder labs as well as cutting-edge cadaver labs.


During the year the fellow is expected to actively participate in the variety of research opportunities available through MedStar Union Memorial Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and its associated facilities. With assistance from the attending and research staff, the fellow is expected to: identify appropriate research questions, systematically review the pertinent literature, appropriately design materials, methods and statistical analysis for a project, and bring the paper to a publishable, presentable peer review form. A single independent project is required and other independent and collaborative projects are encouraged. The fellow is responsible for one biomechanical project from conception to publication.

Shoulder and elbow lectures

Every other week there is shoulder and elbow lectures for the sports fellows to attend. Topics will include shoulder and elbow instability, rotator cuff, arthritis and shoulder arthroplasty. Also, there are combined case studies monthly.

Fellow teaching responsibilities

The fellows are responsible for:

  • 2 hour lab with residents on knee and shoulder
  • In-service for athletic training staff (cadaver lab session, Towson University)
  • Trimester meeting case presentation and local/regional presentation of research efforts.

The fellows will be expected to research the topic, provide references, and field questions from the residency staff.

Self directed learning

A major component of learning during the fellowship year will be the fellow's cumulative portfolio. This portfolio will function as a repository of self directed learning activities. It should serve as a foundation for career long learning habits, a tool for self-assessment, and a means of fellow and program evaluation by the division staff. The fellow will meet with the educational director during orientation week to discuss the portfolio contents and at quarterly division meetings to discuss portfolio progression.

Trimester reviews

Regular trimester meetings together the fellow and core staff to discuss areas of interest, program, all fellow evaluations, case presentation and open discussion of other issues.

Salary & Benefits