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Violence Intervention

The mission of MedStar Washington Hospital Center-Community Violence Intervention Program is to reduce and prevent new injuries and retaliatory violence through promoting an improved sense of self. Our goal is to help survivors during their recovery by reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors through engagement, empowerment, support, and advocacy. The primary services we provide include awareness, outreach, intensive case management, crisis counseling and intervention, medical services, and trauma-informed mental health services.

As a member of the National Network of Hospital Based Violence Intervention Programs, we take, a comprehensive approach to violence prevention that addresses mental health and social determinants of health. We are a multidisciplinary program that identifies patients at risk of repeat violent injury and links them with hospital- and community-based resources aimed at addressing underlying risk factors for violence.

The Core Components of MWHC-CVIP are 1) Culturally competent first contact with eligible participants 2) Providing trauma-informed care; 3) Eliciting patient-generated goals and needs; 4) Intensive case management to meet those goals and needs; 5) Warm handoff to community resources tailored to each participant and 6) Consistent follow-up after discharge from the hospital. We work closely with other area hospital-based violence intervention programs and collaborate with community organizations to best support individuals in their progression.

Members of our team are trained in a variety of interventions including trauma-informed advocacy and care, substance abuse screenings, and case management skills. We currently receive programmatic and staff funding from District of Columbia Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants and the Maryland Governor’s Office for Crime Control and Prevention. This budget supports our programmatic core components, implementation team, and data environment development.

Trauma Survivors Support Group

Free, confidential support for survivors of traumatic injury and their families. This group meets monthly at MedStar Washington Hospital Center at 6 pm. Please see the flyer for 2019 dates and details.

For more information on the Trauma Survivors Support Group, please contact Millie Sheppard (202-877-3293 or [email protected])or J.J. Current (202-877-7153 or [email protected]).

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