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The hip and knee joints are the largest joints in your body, helping you perform most of your necessary daily movements, including walking, balancing, and running. When your hip or knee is damaged due to arthritis, injury, or another condition, your quality of life can suffer tremendously.

We provide care for all hip and knee conditions, from non-operative to operative care, including complex joint revisions. Our team of orthopedic specialists have years of training and experience in joint care and offer the least invasive total hip replacement surgery and total knee replacement possible. Our team is dedicated to helping you get back to your normal life quickly and safely.

Our orthopedic hip and knee doctors are:

  • Specially trained and experienced in hip and knee replacement surgery

  • Able to provide access to multidisciplinary care centers all under one roof

  • Experienced surgeons who use innovative technologies, including robotic-assisted techniques and computer navigation, that provide a more precise and safer procedure

  • Specialists in minimally invasive surgical procedures, including direct anterior total hip replacement and mini posterior total hip replacement, that result in less pain and a quicker recovery from surgery

  • Advancing the field of orthopedics by taking part in nation-wide training programs and researching the latest techniques

  • Able to provide you with access to a sophisticated hip and knee surgery recovery program to ensure you have the best possible outcome

MedStar Orthopaedic Institute is a multidisciplinary network and home to leaders in a wide range of specialties. Our staff routinely coordinates continuing care with other specialists within our network on behalf of our patients through our Patient Care Coordination (PaCC) program. Each patient who undergoes a hip or knee replacement is assigned to PaCC coordinator who will provide all of your specific needs, based on recommendations from your surgeon.

Your PaCC coordinator will organize:

  • Access to patient and family educational resources

  • Safe discharge plans from the hospital, ensuring that all medical needs are fulfilled

  • Management of transitions to each level of care needed after hospital stay

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