Trigger Finger Release Surgery | Benefit of Treatment | MedStar Health

Trigger finger is a condition that causes a finger to become stuck in a bent position. It can be painful and cause limited movement and weakness in the fingers. The problem occurs when the tendon that bends the finger gets stuck in a portion of the tendon sheath. To cure this condition, your doctor may try either injections or surgical treatment. During surgery, your doctor opens the area of the tendon sheath where your tendon is getting stuck, thereby relieving pain and resorting finger motion.

Why is surgery performed?

Surgery is generally required if you suffer from pain or lack of motion in the finger caused by repeated irritation of the protective covering that is found around the finger’s tendon. When the covering is irritated, it can become swollen, thick, and bumpy, which prevents the tendon from smoothly gliding through.

What does trigger finger release surgery involve?

The goal of surgery is to create a wider opening in the sheath so that the tendon can slide through it more easily. During the procedure, your surgeon makes a small incision in your palm and opens the tendon sheath tunnel in order to release it. This is a minor procedure that can be done with wide-awake-hand-surgery or with light sedation. Patients go home the same day with the ability to use their hands for light activity. After your procedure, we offer comprehensive aftercare to ensure a successful recovery.

MedStar Health is proud to offer trigger finger release surgery. Our experienced hand surgeons offer you the comprehensive care you need for an effective procedure and a successful recovery. Our surgeons are fellowship-trained in hand surgery and specialize exclusively in caring for upper extremity conditions.

What does recovery involve?

Recovery from surgery generally takes around two weeks. During this time, your surgeon may recommend the following:

  • Resting the affected hand
  • Limiting the use of your finger
  • Anti-inflammatory medication

What are the benefits of treatment?

Our goal is for you to experience the following benefits after having surgery:

  • Finger pain relief
  • Improved range of motion in the finger
  • Decreased inflammation and swelling in the finger
  • Decreased pressure in the hand and finger