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Melanoma can be
and complex.

But it’s no match for our skin cancer experts.

Early and accurate diagnosis can mean the difference between life and death.

Melanoma is a life-threatening form of skin cancer that affects people of all ages and skin tones. While your risk of melanoma increases as you age, it’s also the most common form of cancer found in young adults.

Fortunately, melanoma can be cured when it’s found early. That’s why it’s important to seek care from an experienced team of skin cancer experts at the first sign of an unusual change to your skin, especially if your skin has been excessively exposed to UV radiation from the sun or tanning beds.

At MedStar Health Cancer Network in Baltimore, our world-class medical and surgical oncologists have the experience and technology to quickly and accurately diagnose your melanoma. An accurate diagnosis results in a more effective, individualized treatment plan that gets rid of your cancer and proactively ensures it doesn’t return.

Breakthrough melanoma treatments.

Trust the experts in diagnosing and treating early and advanced melanoma. Melanoma spreads more quickly than other types of skin cancer, and it can return to the same place, even after being cured. That’s why melanoma treatment is complex.

If you’ve been diagnosed, you need a team of highly-trained and experienced skin cancer specialists to provide a comprehensive treatment plan that focuses both on removing cancer and preventing it from coming back in the future. At MedStar Health Cancer Network in Baltimore, your treatment plan will vary based on the size, location, and depth of your cancer.

Most commonly, melanoma treatment includes a combination of the following:

Melanoma treatments.

Surgery is typically the first step in treating melanoma, whether it’s in early or advanced stages. It involves removing the cancerous tumor, as well as surrounding tissue and affected lymph nodes when it has spread. For most people, this is enough to eliminate it.

During a sentinel lymph node evaluation, a surgical oncologist will make an incision to identify and remove any signs of cancer spreading to nearby lymph nodes. This ensures only affected lymph nodes are removed and it may minimize the need for more complicated surgery.

Immunotherapy uses medication to stimulate your immune system to find and destroy cancerous cells. Our oncologists and researchers are early adopters in immunotherapy, as our Maryland Melanoma Center was one of the first in the region to offer immunomodulator viral therapy for melanoma.

When cancer cells have certain mutations, targeted therapy uses special medications to stop cancer cells from multiplying. Your doctors may include this in your personalized treatment plan if mutations are found during genetic analysis of the cancer cells.

Our groundbreaking clinical trials are based on the latest research and modern medicine, giving you access to promising treatments before they’re available elsewhere. One study is looking at photodynamic therapy—making cancerous cells more sensitive to light, then killing them with a laser.

Let’s eliminate your melanoma for good.

At MedStar Health Cancer Network in Baltimore, you’ll benefit from …

Comprehensive treatment options that range from complex surgeries to clinical trials and advanced therapies that are hard to find. We’re one of the few facilities in the country with the technology and expertise for vaccine biotherapy and hyperthermic-isolated limb perfusion.

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A team approach that involves surgical, radiation, and medical oncologists, radiologists, specialists, therapists, and nurses who meet weekly on a tumor board to review and design a comprehensive treatment plan for your unique circumstances. Our team even includes top plastic surgeons, in case the cancer is located in a cosmetically sensitive area or requires the removal of a larger amount of skin and repair afterward.

Clinical trials and research-backed solutions that ensure our doctors and researchers continue to improve how melanoma is diagnosed and treated. We provide access to promising therapies like immunotherapy not always available through other networks and centers.

Second-opinion appointments within 48 hours, giving you comprehensive options and peace of mind through an in-person or virtual visit. In fact, we are home to a research laboratory where scientists analyze patient tumors to aid in timely and individualized diagnosis and treatment.

Nationally known surgical and medical oncologists, researchers, and cancer experts who are at the forefront of finding new ways to diagnose, treat, and prevent melanoma. Our oncologists are consistently named “Top Docs” by Baltimore magazine.

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Dr. Gupta is very personable. He explained everything in a way that I could understand. Very thoughtful and thorough.

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Dr. McCarron is a wonderful doctor. He really cares about his patients. He's not in a hurry to get you out, he listens, and gives you answers and options.

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Dr. Kumar is always attentive and engaged! She listens to my concerns, answers all my questions thoroughly, and treats me as a partner regarding my care. I feel that I am receiving the best care possible and I trust and respect Dr. Kumar tremendously!

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