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Internal Medicine Residency at MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital

2011RE1.JPGThe Internal Medicine Residency Program at MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital began in 1972 and rapidly has become a model of excellence. The hallmark of this program is its commitment to training physicians for successful careers in diverse settings - both in primary care and subspecialty settings.

At MedStar Good Samaritan, we achieve this through an enlightened and sophisticated curriculum set in a progressive 346-bed academic community hospital affiliated with The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Graduating residents have not only been successful in passing the ABIM certification examination, but also finding desirable training or practice positions upon graduation.

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Program Overview

  • Conferences: Personalized Small Group Learning Sessions. We believe that physicians learn best when they know that they must teach others. Each resident is provided an electronic version of the curriculum for each separate rotation.

  • Morning Report: A combined daily conference including night float sign-out, followed by a patient-related academic presentation.

  • Noon Conferences: The bulk of the core curriculum is provided at daily noon luncheon conferences. Two of the noon conferences per week are presented by Johns Hopkins Department of Medicine faculty; the remainder by MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital medical staff or residents.

  • Intern Rounds: A weekly interactive teaching session for interns, where they present their answers to assigned questions, critically analyze recent papers, or discuss case vignettes related to professionalism and ethics.

  • Ambulatory Conferences: Resident scholarly presentations, twice per month.

  • Chairman's Rounds: A highly interactive clinical problem-solving conference followed by a resident presentation about the specific diagnostic issue.

  • Evidence-Based Medicine: Includes debates on controversial topics, journal club and core sessions devoted to biostatistics and critical assessment of the medical literature.

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For more information about Internal Medicine Residency, please call the program administrator at 443-444-4863.