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Internal Medicine Residency Program

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Message from the Program Director

Program Director of Internal Medicine Residency, Stephanie Detterline, MD, FACP
Stephanie Detterline, MD, FACP

Welcome! I am so glad you've found us and are considering our program to further your medical training. I understand you have a lot of great choices out there for residency training and it's my job to convince you that our program should be your home for the next one to three years.

This year has been one that has challenged even the heartiest among us. I normally see myself as someone who looks forward to change and embraces it, but the events and challenges of 2020 have made even me feel a bit helpless and disoriented.

But I remain hopeful.

I remain hopeful in the goodness of people and in that light within us that lifts each other up and, by doing so, lifts ourselves. I would be remiss if I did not address how profoundly the events surrounding George Floyd’s murder have affected me and I have begun a journey of listening and looking at how my actions truly affect others, whether I intend them to or not. Thankfully, our health system is also taking major steps at reform and examining racial justice in our teaching programs. I want each of you reading this today to know that we are striving to be an anti-racist residency program. We love the diversity we already have in our program and we want to enhance that, showcase it, and make sure we are not excluding anyone from their chance at being a part of our wonderful big family at MedStar Health Internal Medicine (MHIM).

Our program, like much of the world around us, has also experienced significant change. Over 8 years ago, we began a stepwise process of integrating 4 smaller internal medicine residencies in Baltimore under 1 large program: MedStar Health Internal Medicine (MHIM), Baltimore. This program brings together the faculty, history, culture and legacy of each one of the Baltimore MedStar hospitals: MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center, MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital, MedStar Harbor Hospital, and MedStar Union Memorial Hospital. Our program is now 150 residents strong and our residents will spend the majority of their time in rotations at MedStar Franklin Square and MedStar Union Memorial where they will learn from the dedicated faculty who practice at each location. In addition, many of our core faculty, including myself, spend time teaching residents at MedStar Harbor Hospital where we maintain a smaller presence and at MedStar Good Sam where we continue to run electives and an ambulatory clinic. This integration has many benefits, the most important being the ability to elevate the quality of our teaching program by creating something that makes sense for our patients, our teachers, our learners, and our hospitals. I continue to feel confident that these changes will allow us to remain creative and innovative, better care for our patients, and provide an excellent residency experience for you.

Did you know that our size makes us the largest community hospital program in the country? This footprint allows you to see how care is delivered in four unique settings in Baltimore. This size also allows us to provide excellent opportunities to our residents, both in training, and in career planning. Even though we like our big program and the research opportunities, subspecialty exposure, and rotation benefits it provides, our firm system allows us to maintain a level of intimacy and the family-like atmosphere that so many residents enjoy about community hospital programs. At MHIM, we like to think we have the best of both worlds!

I want to share with you our mission and vision for the residency and allow that to help you get to know us better and discern whether this is the right place for you.


To train highly skilled, compassionate, and balanced general internists in a supportive environment that fosters the growth of individual interests and talents. We seek to train physicians from diverse backgrounds to become leaders and agents of change in whatever setting they choose for their career.

In our program, we want you to become excellent physicians, but we also want you to be excellent people. Our job is to support you, mentor you, and provide you with opportunities for success. We are looking for diversity in all of its forms and want you to become a leader and change agent in our world.


Now, onto the vision of our program:

In the MedStar Health Internal Medicine, Baltimore, residency training program we pledge:

  • To provide every patient with compassionate, evidence-based, and cost-conscious care every day
    • Patients are the whole reason we are here, right? In our hospitals, we want them to be at the top of our vision statement and we won't forget that their needs come first. We are very serious about providing patient-centered, compassionate care that puts patients at ease, respects their needs, and allows them to take an active role in their care. At the same time, this compassionate care must be high value (rooted in evidence) and provided with an awareness of how our care impacts the cost of health care for the patient, our health system, and society as a whole.
  • To provide the highest quality education to the next generation of physicians and graduate competent individuals ready for the independent practice of medicine.
    • We are serious about training physicians for the future. When you walk up to the podium on graduation night, that certificate you receive is not just a piece of paper. Your certificate is something you have earned through hard work in meeting the competencies required to independently practice medicine. We do not take this lightly and have a detailed process to ensure you are on the right path making progress to graduation, every step of the way.
  • To uphold the highest professional standards in the practice of internal medicine and advance MedStar’s vision of being a trusted leader in caring for people and advancing health
    • What we mean by the 'highest professional standards' is that we expect accountability, professionalism and honesty from ourselves and our colleagues in our daily practice. This includes admitting our mistakes, being transparent in our actions, and a continuing process of honest self-evaluation. Further, we want other programs to look at our body of work with respect and the desire to duplicate our outcomes.

I have only just begun to give you some good insight as to who we are. If my words resonate with you, we may be a good fit for each other. Please explore the rest of the site to get to know more about me, our core faculty members, and, of course, our residents and residency program.

Thanks again for your interest,

Stephanie Detterline, MD, FACP
Program Director
MedStar Health Internal Medicine, Baltimore
Associate Dean for Medical Education
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Georgetown University School of Medicine

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