Arthroscopic Meniscal Repair and Transplantation | MedStar Health

Meniscal tears are common injuries for athletes. If your meniscal tear does not respond well enough to non-surgical treatment, you may need surgery. At MedStar Health, we use the most advanced treatment techniques to repair and replace damaged meniscal tissues. Techniques we use include: 

  • Arthroscopy : In this minimally invasive surgical procedure, we insert a thin tube with a camera into your affected area that projects an image of your meniscus on a computer screen. We then use specialized instruments to repair meniscal tears.
  • Meniscus repair : This is a surgical procedure that repairs the torn portions of your meniscus through arthroscopic suturing techniques.
  • Partial meniscectomy : This is a surgical procedure that removes part of a damaged meniscus.
  • Meniscus replacement : This is a surgical procedure that replaces a damaged meniscus. We can also replace a meniscus that was removed at a different hospital.

Meniscal tear surgery – our approach

Our team of skilled sports medicine surgeons have experience working with athletes of all ages and levels of play. We understand how common meniscal injuries are and we will work to repair your damaged tissue, rather than replace it, whenever possible. Our goal is to get you back to your favorite activities as quickly as we can.

We perform arthroscopic meniscal repair and transplantation primarily for meniscal tears.

Meniscal tear surgery recovery

After a meniscal tear surgical procedure, you will likely need to rest your knee and slowly build your strength back up through rehabilitation and physical therapy. You may need to keep your knee in a brace as it heals, as well. Your sports medicine surgeon will review the details of your recovery with you before your surgery.