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Growths in the liver can range from benign to cancerous, which is why we offer a dedicated Liver Mass clinic to manage your care.

We bring together liver specialists, radiologists, interventional radiologists, medical oncologists, and surgeons to review your images and collaborate on options. In many cases, we’ll meet with you together as a team to discuss your options and decide on a way forward. Even in cases where the tumor is not cancer, we rely on multidisciplinary evaluation and imaging expertise as well as, at times, biopsy to help pick the best treatment course for you.

Not everyone needs surgery. We may suggest medication or advanced endoscopic procedures. If you do need surgery, our fellowship-trained surgeons specialize in minimally invasive robotic approaches, and have the expertise to select the optimal procedure that is best suited to your tumor (including major liver or biliary resection and liver transplantation). 

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