Before Treatment

The staff at RadAmerica works closely with you and your referring physician to provide quality treatment. We offer timely appointment scheduling as well as support and education.

Feel free to bring a list of questions about your treatment with you to discuss with your healthcare professional. Also please remember to bring any X-rays or CT scans to your appointment.


Your initial consultation is an opportunity to become acquainted with our staff and our office routine. You will meet with the radiation oncologist, who will determine whether radiation therapy should become part of your cancer treatment program. The physician will examine you and review your clinical history, particularly the results of all the diagnostic studies performed prior to your consultation. You (and your family, if you wish) will thoroughly discuss radiation as a treatment option with the physician. Take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions concerning your diagnosis, your treatment, the nature of radiation therapy, and other important issues.

If the physician recommends a course of radiation therapy, you will discuss the type of radiation to be delivered, the number of treatments, the frequency, and other details necessary for your personal planning purposes. The physician will then schedule your simulation appointment. To further educate you about radiation therapy, we will offer you an opportunity to view a DVD presentation.

DVD Viewing and Patient Education

To help you become more comfortable with the treatment process, we will provide you with a DVD series about radiation therapy with your family. The purpose of the DVD presentation is to provide a review of the treatment process and to help you become more comfortable with the proposed plan of therapy. The series supplements, but does not replace, your discussions with the physician.

There are also numerous educational booklets available to you and your family that will be provided by your oncology nurse.


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