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Patient-Focused Care

It is true that the right diagnosis comes from the right doctor! That’s why MedStar Health’s radiologists are experts in specific areas of radiology study. This means no matter your ailment, you will have a radiologist with extensive knowledge to that area of the body interpreting your exam.

Our experts use a variety of imaging modalities to provide diagnosis, consultation, and intervention. We offer state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technologies to provide the clearest, most detailed images possible. Because imaging studies are an essential component of preventative care and treatment, having the best diagnostic equipment possible is a vital step to good preventive health for our patients.

Our Team

Administrative Team

Director of Operations

Kelly Fuchs
Bel Air Medical Center, Brandywine, Timonium

Lechel Serio
Clinical Supervisor Bel Air

Marie Armbruster
Lafayette, Chevy Chase, Foxhall

Terry Craven
Clinical Supervisor Lafayette I and II

Regional Administrator

Sandy Winfield

Radiologists and Medical Directors


MedStar Health Bel Air Medical Campus

Dr. Michael Matyas
Medical Director/Radiologist

MedStar Health at Brandywine

Dr. Jennifer Thomas
Medical Director/Radiologist

MedStar Health at Lafayette Centre

Dr. Ian Amber
Medical Director/Radiologist

MedStar Health at Timonium

Dr. Jan Skrok
Medical Director/Radiologist

MedStar Radiology Network at Chevy Chase and MedStar Radiology Network at Rockville

Dr. Alexander S. Mark
Medical Director

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