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CANDOR: When Words & Actions Matter Most
Medical error and patient harm will be center focus of the conversation next Monday, December 5, 2016, from 6 to 9 p.m., at Wine and Wisdom, an event hosted by a council of residents seeking to change hospital culture, encourage open reporting of adverse events and create system changes to prevent them.

Study Sheds Light on Why Medical Students choose to be Surgeons
Data from a new, local prospective study on the impact of gross anatomy labs administered to first-year Georgetown University medical students showed the desire to work with their hands increased, enjoyment of working with instruments and tools increased, and likelihood of pursing a surgical career increased in 30 percent of the surveyed students who experienced gross anatomy lab.

New Primary Care Curriculum Launches in Partnership with the Georgetown University School of Medicine
MedStar Launches New Primary Care Curriculum in Partnership with the Georgetown University School of Medicine
MedStar Health will host a group of medical students from Georgetown University School of Medicine for the first six months of their third year of medical school at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center as part of a new shared curriculum that satisfies the students’ clinical rotations requirements in an innovative, patient-centered way.

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Helen Haskell
Patient Safety First: Doctors Start Residency Training with Unique Bootcamp
Doctors just entering residency or fellowship training at MedStar Health will experience a three-day immersion in patient safety before they ever see patients in a MedStar hospital or clinic. The orientation program begins Monday, June 13, at the Marquis Marriott, Washington, D.C.