Brain Surgery Without a Trace.

Brain Surgery Without a Trace.

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Brain Surgery Without a Trace

MedStar Washington Hospital Center, a regional leader in skull base surgeries, now offers endoscopic endonasal surgery performed by an interdisciplinary team of experts. Using advanced technology and a growing tool box of specially designed instrumentation, endoscopic endonasal surgical procedures can now be performed on patients with a variety of conditions that once required open brain surgery.

The endonasal approach is a major medical advance—with multiple benefits for patients:

  • Smaller incisions and often no visible incisions at all
  • Fewer complications with no damage to surrounding tissue
  • Faster recovery with discharge from the hospital within 48 to 72 hours
  • Resumption of activities in days instead of weeks


A Trio of Acclaimed Specialists, One Innovative Surgery

A team of surgeons combine their expertise and work in tandem to perform pioneering procedures—and produce the best possible outcomes for patients. Timothy DeKlotz, MD, and Stanley Chia, MD, FACS, are the otolaryngology (ENT) experts who surgically navigate the nasal passages, allowing Edward Aulisi, MD, FACS, to perform the neurosurgical portion of the procedures. Using computer-assisted technology, the tumor is removed—the injury is repaired—through the nose.

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Edward Aulisi, MD, FACS
Chairman of Neurosurgery

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