A New Approach to Weight Loss

A New Approach to Weight Loss

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A New Approach to Weight-Loss: vBloc®

A new approach to traditional weight-loss surgery is now available. This therapy, called vBloc®, may help patients with obesity and weight control problems regulate their appetites.

Recently approved for clinical use by the FDA, the therapy uses a small device with electrodes implanted along the esophagus and the stomach to manage signals from the brain to the vagus nerve, which regulates many of the body’s digestive functions, including the sensations of hunger and fullness. By intermittently blocking these signals, the device helps patients better regulate their appetites, allowing them to eat more appropriate portion sizes and avoid snacking between meals. Unlike more complex bariatric surgery procedures such as gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy and adjustable gastric banding, the vBloc device can be implanted on an outpatient basis, and adjusted as needed using wireless communication technology. vBloc therapy patients may also have fewer meal and lifestyle restrictions that those who have other weight-loss procedures.

While vBloc is a promising alternative therapy for weight loss, it’s not for everyone. “vBloc opens up possibilities for weight-loss surgery patients who have a lower body mass index,” says Timothy Shope, MD, a bariatric surgeon at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. “Patients still need to first come through our weight loss program and be evaluated to see if they are eligible for the therapy.”

To see if you’re a candidate for vBloc® therapy, please call


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Timothy Shope, MD

To see if you're a candidate for vBloc therapy, please call 202-877-3627.


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